VinUniversity Inaugurates Its First Academic Year

October 17, 2020 - 09:22
VinUniversity Inaugurates Its First Academic Year

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 17 October 2020 - On 17 October, 2020, VinUniversity (Vingroup) - the first private, not-for-profituniversity of excellence in Vietnam - officially opened its first academic yearwith seven majors in three fields: Business Administration, Engineering andComputer Science, and Health Sciences.  

VinUniversity (VinUni) has celebrated itsfirst convocation ceremony after a rigorous selection process, cappingadmissions at just 260 students for the first academic year (2020 - 2021). Ofthese, 230 are full-time undergraduate students, 30 are exchange students inthe "Study Away" exchange program cooperated between VinUniversityand international universities (Cornell University - USA, and University ofTechnology Sydney - Australia).

The students of the inaugural academicyear are the most talented of nearly 4,500 applicants, with high school gradepoint average within the top 2.5 per cent of the country. In particular, theaverage IELTS English proficiency score of admitted students is 7.15 and theaverage SAT score is 1,411, which is in the top 5 per cent worldwide. Nearly 20per cent of students have achieved merits in national and internationalacademic Olympiads, prestigious competitions, and all students have activelyparticipated in extracurricular activities and community projects.

In addition to solid academic performanceand outstanding achievements, admitted students demonstrate VinUniversity'sAACC qualities -- Outstanding Ability, Aspiration, Creativity, and Commitment.Designed according to the admission approach of top universities in the world,the comprehensive, transparent, and fair selection process includes multipleapplication rounds, and individual interviews with faculty in the key decisionround.

From this rigorous application process,VinUniversity has successfully recruited a cohort with 65 per cent of thestudents coming from specialised schools, 20 per cent frominternational/bilingual schools and 15 per cent from other high-quality schools.In terms of regional diversity, 55 per cent of students come from major cities(Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang); and 45 per cent come from differentprovinces nationwide.

In the first year, VinUniversity willprovide instruction in three main fields: Business Administration, Engineeringand Computer Science, and Health Sciences, beginning with seven majors:Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Electrical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Doctor of Medicine, and Nursing.Notably, in its first academic year, VinUniversity has enrolled students forgraduate medical education to train resident physicians specialising inInternal Medicine, General Surgery and Pediatrics.

With the high quality training conditionsoffered, VinUniversity has just been awarded a QS 5-star standard certificateby Quacquarelli Symonds (United Kingdom) in three areas: Facilities, AcademicDevelopment and Inclusiveness.

In particular, QS highly recognisesVinUniversity's commitment to academic development, including 100 per cent offaculty participating in training in active-learning pedagogy and each studenthaving an academic adviser throughout their study at the university. QS alsogrants 5 stars to VinUniversity's facilities including lecture halls,classrooms, stadiums, dormitories, libraries, gyms,  swimming pools andhealth care facilities.

With special support from Vingroup,VinUniversity has granted generous financial resources to reduce the barriersto education, including merit-based scholarships and financial aid packages tostudents. Specifically, 100 per cent of VinUniversity students in the firstfive intakes will receive a 35 per cent subsidy on tuition fees during thedesigned duration of their entire programs. 85 per cent of students are awardedscholarships and financial aid, including 100 per cent scholarships which covertuition and some living expenses. QS also highly appreciates VinUniversity'scommitment to creating optimal conditions for talented students, students fromdisadvantaged backgrounds, and striving for gender balance in all programs.

"VinUniversity has five core factorsand strives to be in the top 50 best young universities in the world. First isa comprehensive, multi-dimensional admissions process; second is the selectionof talented faculty, working closely with the best universities in the world;third is an advanced curriculum based on international standards; fourth isperfect 5-star quality facilities; last but not least is the financialcommitment of long-term support from Vingroup" - Prof. Dr. Rohit Verma, Founding Provost ofVinUniversity emphasised.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Dr. LeMai Lan, Vingroup's Vice Chairwoman and President of VinUniversity also sharedabout the mission of training highly qualified, capable, and aspirational humanresources to contribute to the country. Dr. Le Mai Lan affirmed, "Vingrouphas donated VinUniversity with a non-refundable sum of VND 6,500 billion(approximately US$280 million). Of this, VND 3,000 billion is devoted toresearch, training and scholarships for talented students. Our goal is to teachand encourage students who have ambition, qualities, wisdom and bravery, andwho are qualified to develop and innovate for the prosperity of society, tosupport the country and themselves."

The VinUniversity project was establishedby Vingroup in March 2018 with a desire to create breakthroughs in the qualityof higher education in Vietnam, providing excellence and world-class values. Toachieve this ambition, VinUniversity has collaborated closely with leading andprestigious universities throughout the world, in order to achieve the higheststandards in research, teaching, employment and international prospects.

CornellUniversity (founded in 1865), is a privateuniversity in the group of 8 Ivy League universities of the United States, whichspecializes in Business, Technology, Hospitality, Agriculture, Life Science,Computer Science, Law, and Medicine. According to the QS 2020 rankings, Cornellis currently ranked 14th in the world overall. In particular, Hotel Managementtraining programs, Business Administration, and Engineering programs at Cornellhave always been at the top in the U.S. As of the end of 2016, 45 professorsand students who are alumni of Cornell have received the Nobel Prize. Cornellaims to be a comprehensive research university and a role model of the 21stcentury.

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