i-Maker announces cooperation with Carol Interior Design to expand interior design business-the combination of technology and traditional decoration design

October 14, 2020 - 05:38
i-Maker announces cooperation with Carol Interior Design to expand interior design business-the combination of technology and traditional decoration design

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 14 October 2020 - i-Maker and Carol Interior Design announced today that they havelaunched a 10-year partnership development plan to develop market-orientedintegrated solutions to enhance digital agility through cloud technology. Bycombining the expertise of the two companies in the interior design industryand the information technology market, the team can work together moreseamlessly, save infrastructure costs, accelerate the speed to value andincrease production efficiency. As a comprehensive IT, web design, digitalmarketing and SEO company, i-Maker knows that most offline traditionalindustries such as catering and event planning industries have been hit hard byCOVID-19. Traditional decoration design has always been based on offlinereputation, bringing new customers to it. Through the cooperation with i-Maker,Carol Interior Design has integrated technological elements into marketing anddesign services, and has brought many new clients for decoration design andinterior design.


Changes in marketing andservices

Jack Chaimart, Business CEO of Carol InteriorDesign said: "Traditionally, interior design companies tend to focus onservice-centric marketing strategies to increase conversions and sales, buttoday's goalhas been to increase brand awareness and online exposure. . Through thecooperation with i-Maker, the marketing budget is put on social mediaplatforms. Digital channels and influencers are the new key investment targets.Through i-Maker'swebsite design, seo optimization and online advertisingand marketing services, Carol Interior Design's exposure rate and brand awareness have beengreatly improved."


In terms of services, the introduction of VRand AR technology allows customers of home decoration, shop decoration andschool projects to be able to see the finished product before starting work,reducing the time and cost required for communication between the two partiesand increasing customers The trust value is twice the result with half the effort.


So far, the two companies have jointlydeveloped more than 30 cases, including home decoration, shop decoration andschool projects. Solutions developed in this partnership will expand andstrengthen our existing products.


360° panoramic virtual tour-immersive experience ‧ first experience

Danny Soong, general manager of i-Maker, said:"With the changes in shopping habits and the rapid development oftechnology, 360°panoramic virtual tour and the popularization of VR, i-Maker's VR 360° panoramic virtual tourphotography and production services, Help all walks of life to photograph anddisplay their business, shop interior equipment, product introduction andlocation, etc., and shoot 4K high-definition virtual reality images, allowingcustomers to experience the scene firsthand, and can use Google Map, searchengines, websites and social media The platform is the first to visit, so thatcustomers can understand the business in a real and interesting way, which isof great help to store promotion and online shopping!"


User views of Matterport VR are nearly 300%higher than traditional 2D photos

3D space scanning allows you to greatly shortenthe time to build a 3D model by using the most advanced technology camera. Byusing a 3D camera, it will automatically scan each 3D object and render thevirtual world in 4K space.


This technology can be used by real estate,rental communities, engineers and construction, tourism and hotel industries.It can also be used for different occasions, such as events and exhibitions,product displays and private showrooms.


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