The Ultimate Global Design Award is here: OPPO is looking for its next Design Master

October 09, 2020 - 23:41
The Ultimate Global Design Award is here: OPPO is looking for its next Design Master

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 October2020 - The ever-evolving global smartphonebrand OPPO,announced the launch of its global design award with a grand slam prize of$7,500 and a single highest award of $4,000. The one-of-its-kind, Seek for theNext Master -- OPPO Global Design Award, is Asia's most awaited design contest.This initiative by OPPO is a mutually beneficial step for both the brand andthe designers.

Seek for the Next Master by OPPOinvites designers from all over the world to create designs of themes,wallpapers, live wallpapers, video ringtones and mobile phone cases. Theinternational contest encourages the designers to become a part of theworldwide OPPO community and exhibit their artistic skills on a globalplatform. With this, OPPO aims to bring the leading creative minds of the worldtogether to discuss the future of mobile aesthetics. OPPO relies on the contestto offer visual art entertainment for the users by extending the artistic andcultural value, along with establishing a commercial significance.


Thecontest starts from October 10, 2020. The designers can register on


Thereare four categories to the contest:

1. Theme

2. Wallpaper (including LiveWallpaper)

3. Video ringtone

4. Mobile phone cases


The award allows a designer toparticipate in all categories by uploading multiple sets of works, however, onework can only win one category award.

If a designer uploads multipleentries and wins all award at the same time, the highest money she/he can getis: Global Design Award $4000 + Creative Motion Design Award $1000 + BestWallpaper Series Design Award $1000 + Original Phone Accessories Design Award$500 + Most Popular Design Award $1000 = 7500 USD

The designs of all categories, exceptMobile Phone Case, can be submitted by December 31, 2020. The entries for the OriginalPhone Accessories Design Award (Mobile Phone Case) should be submitted byNovember 1, 2020.

The voting on the website starts fromOctober 10, 2020.

The winners for the popularity awardwill be judged by the number of votes on their designs. While the other awardwill be selected by a professional jury.

OPPOmotivates designers to reach out to 100 million OPPO users across the globe andexpress their unique vision to millions of users. The global design awardencourages and celebratesexciting designers and thinkers from all over the world. 

About OPPO:

OPPOis the world's leading smart device manufacturer and innovator. With an aim tocreate an immersive and comprehensive experience for users, it is committed toinnovation in both product and technology.

Since the launch of Smiley Face, itsfirst smartphone, in 2008, OPPO has been in constant pursuit of the perfectsynergy of aesthetics and technology.