Arrow Electronics Empowers Hong Kong Startups to Accelerate Commercialization of Smart Sports Gadgets

September 10, 2020 - 03:03
Arrow Electronics Empowers Hong Kong Startups to Accelerate Commercialization of Smart Sports Gadgets

Arrow Open Lab makes engineering support more accessible to bring innovative products to life


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 10September 2020 - Global technology solutions provider ArrowElectronics today announced its IoT and engineering services collaboration withHong Kong-based technology startup Platysens to accelerate the commercializationof smart and connected sports devices.  Poweredby sensing and IoT technologies, smart sports gadgets can bridge the physicaland digital world by collecting a wealth of information about performancemetrics and providing real-time actionable insights for sports enthusiasts,athletes, and trainers to strive for continuous improvement. 

Arrow Electronics empowers Hong Kong startups to accelerate commercialization of smart sports gadgets

The global sports technology market is expected to grow at CAGR 20.4% by2027, according to a recent research.1  Founded by sports enthusiasts in2014, Platysens is a startup focused on sports sensorsand analysis. "Today the world of sports has been increasingly shaped bytechnology integration," said CY Wong, founder of Platysens, "We see there is aunfulfilled demand in the market for robust smart wearables to provide swimmerswith accurate and real-time data and analysis. Thanks to the engineering guidance and support by Arrow, we are able torapidly integrate IoT and sensing technology and shorten our new productintroduction cycle."

Benefited from the free engineeringconsultative services available at Arrow's Open Lab located in Hong KongScience Park, Platysens is able to rapidly combine algorithm, IoT, and sensingtechnology to accelerate its new smart product development schedule.  Withthe engineering support and consultative service provided by Arrow engineers atits Open Lab, Platysens put together a working prototype for its new productSEAL, which is expected to be launched by end of the year.  This smart gadget is designed to capture themotion and force of the swimmer exerted by different parts of the body overtime.  Powered by STMicroelectronics MEMS,force sensor, and Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth low-energy system-on-a-chip, the device transforms physicalstrokes and force movement into digital data, delivering real-time and accurateactionable insights for swimmers and trainers to understand efficiency andmaximize performance.

"We are consistently seeking ways to make iteasier for innovators and engineers to create, make and manage the technologyof tomorrow," said Jacky Wan, Arrow's vice president of engineering for APAC.  "We are excited to be a trusted technologypartner to Platysens and many other technology startups and companies in theregion, guiding them through the journey, starting from ideation to proof ofconcept, design, testing, and mass production."

Platysens was also an Incu-Tech program graduateof Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) in 2017.  "HKSTP offers world-class infrastructure andservices to help tech companies and startups accelerate their innovationjourney to commercial success.  Many ofour startups are young engineers and entrepreneurs with great ideas.  The collaboration between Arrow and Platysensis a great example of two companies with different expertise coming togetherwithin our ecosystem," said Ir. Peter Yeung, Head of Electronics & ICTClusters of HKSTP.

Demonstrating Arrow's commitment to making best-in-classdesign tools, resources, and engineering expertise accessible to innovators andengineers, Arrow's Open Lab has assisted hundreds of technology companies andstartups from the region in their idea-to-prototype-to-product innovationjourney. 

Learn more about how Arrowenables Platysens to bring their innovative ideas to life via

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