AIA Singapore pays tribute to essential workers, providing them with free protection, AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance plan, against infectious diseases including COVID-19 and dengue fever

September 09, 2020 - 07:00
AIA Singapore pays tribute to essential workers, providing them with free protection, AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance plan, against infectious diseases including COVID-19 and dengue fever

The special coverage is part of the insurer’s regional #ShareTheLove movement to give back to the community – by protecting what matters most, and enabling healthier, longer, better lives for generations to come


SINGAPORE- Media OutReach - 9September 2020 - AIA Singaporetoday announced that they will be offering complimentary AIA #ShareTheLoveInsurance plans[1]covering COVID-19 and 21 infectious diseases (including dengue fever) for the essentialworkforce.

The initiative will rallytogether members of the community to protect this vulnerable group. Startingtoday, members of the public may nominate a family member or friend[2] who is an essential workervia Facebook or Instagram. Both parties in the selected stories (individualswho submitted the story and their nominees) will be provided with the free AIA#ShareTheLove Insurance, which covers infectious diseases, including COVID-19and dengue fever, paying tribute to their service by protecting what matters.

"Theseworkers have put the communities' needs above their own health and wellbeing. Asidefrom COVID-19, the exposure to infectious diseases is not over even after endingtheir work, as dengue cases continue to plague homes. By engaging the help ofthe community at large, we hope to play a part in bringing more of theseamazing stories of resilience to light and paying tribute to our essentialworkforce. This is a little gesture of appreciation for the sacrifices thatthey have and continue to make as we deal with this crisis," said Ms Melita Teo, Chief Customer and DigitalOfficer, AIA Singapore.

This activity is part of a regional AIA#ShareTheLove movement taking place across Asia. It is during these challengingtimes that we realise the positive impact that love can bring. Be it forourselves, our family, or the community, a little sharing of love goes a longway. In Singapore, besides offering 2,000 complimentary AIA#ShareTheLove Insurance plans as part of its efforts of paying tributeto essential workers, AIA Singapore will also be raising funds for AIASingapore's two adopted charities, Children's Wishing Well and the VIVAFoundation.

AIA Singapore has long played an important rolein progressing education, wellness and enrichment programmes for children andyouths from its adopted charity, Children's Wishing Well, supporting the causefor the third year. With corporate social responsibility continuing to be a keypriority, even amidst a crisis, the life insurer today also announced anexpansion of its giving commitment by partnering with a new beneficiary, theVIVA Foundation, to do more to urgently narrow Singapore's protection gap byraising funds for paediatric cancer research.

More details on the #ShareTheLove campaign asfollows:

  • AIA Representatives are pledging their supportby donating a portion of their policy sales during this period towards AIASingapore's adopted charities, as part of their continuous efforts to do theirpart for the community.
  • All donations made will be matched by AIASingapore.
  • To do good while also providing additionalassurance for customers in times of uncertainties over jobs security, selectedAIA policies sold during this period will enjoy[3]:

    Free AIA Retrenchment Cover --automatic 12-month cover that waives premiums for eligible plans and itsattaching premium-paying riders for 12 months upon involuntarily retrenchment.
    Discount of up to 25% on thefirst year's premiums.
    2 Free AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance plans -- covering COVID-19and 21 infectious diseases (including dengue fever) till 30 April 2021. One foryourself and another to share with someone!

These initiatives are just one of many that AIASingapore has introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to support individualsand families in need. Other support programmes include:

  • Providing free COVID-19coverage for 2.6 million existing eligible individualcustomers, corporate members, employees and AIA Representatives[4]. The free coverage willalso be extended to new AIA customers[5].
  • Giving corporate customers[6]access to free teleconsultation services via WhiteCoat, anon-demand telemedicine provider, thus allowing individuals who requireprofessional medical advice to engage WhiteCoat's Singapore-registered doctorsfrom the comfort of their own home. AIA Singapore also covered the costs of50,000 teleconsultations for all policyholders of AIA HealthShield Gold Max -- aMediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan (IP).
  • Offering customers instalment plans to paytheir premiums via our AIA COVID-19 SupportProgramme, for individuals and industries (corporatecustomers) badly impacted by COVID-19.
  • Introducing $1,000 workfrom home assistance scheme to cushion the impactof COVID-19 and provide support to all permanent and contract employees whilsttelecommuting.
  • Creating a Resilience Booster Challenge andSolidarity Rewards Challenge to provide extra incentives and to rewardAIA's agency force who continue to service the financial needs of fellowSingaporeans during this trying period; additional relief support has also beenprovided for selected AIA Representatives who are facing financial challenges.

Noteto editor:

Howto submit your story and #ShareTheLove with the essential workforce:


  • Dedicate a social media photo or video post to a friend or family member[7](nominee) who is working in one of the essential/ permitted services ( listed on on your Facebook or Instagram pages;
  • Include a message of appreciation in at least 100 words to your nominee by telling us his/her story of resilience and why you think that insurance is the best gift for him/her in your photo post caption or video sharing;
  • Tag @aiasingapore (Instagram)/ @singapore.aia (Facebook) and your nominee in the post;
  • Include the hashtags #ShareTheLove and #AIASG; and
  • Ensure that your social media profile or post is set to Public.


Benefitsof the free AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance plan[8]as follows:

AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance

Coverage duration: From inception date to 30 April 2021



Coverage amount

(Lump-sum payout)

Hospitalisation Income Benefit

A lump sum benefit will be paid out if the Insured Person is diagnosed and hospitalised in Singapore for a minimum of 3 days due to any of the covered 21 infectious diseases or COVID-19.


Non-Hospitalisation benefit

A lump sum benefit will be paid out if the Insured Person is diagnosed in Singapore with any of the covered 21 infectious diseases after 14 days of policy inception.


Death benefit

A lump sum benefit shall be paid upon death of the Insured Person due to any of the covered 21 infectious diseases or COVID-19 in Singapore.



Listof 21 Infectious Diseases:

  • Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD)
  • Dengue fever (DHF)
  • Avian influenza or'bird flu' due to influenza A viral strains H5N1, H9N2, H7N7, H7N9, or H1N1
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Tuberculosis
  • Measles
  • Malaria
  • Anthrax infection
  • Yellow fever
  • Plague
  • Melioidosis or 'soil disease'
  • Rabies
  • Legionnaires' disease
  • Chikungunya
  • Nipah viral encephalitis
  • Japanese viral encephalitis
  • Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) or 'mad cowdisease'
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
  • Middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus(MERS-CoV)
  • Zika virus

For moredetails of the #ShareTheLove campaign, please visit: or

AIA Singapore Facebook.

[1] Please referto the full terms and conditions on the AIA #ShareTheLove with the essentialworkforce social initiative via

AIA Singapore's Facebook.

[2] Must beSingapore Resident with a valid NRIC or FIN and aged between 18 and 65 (agelast birthday) at the time when he or she is first covered under this AIA#ShareTheLove Insurance.

[3] Please referto the terms and conditions of the AIA #ShareTheLove Campaign 2020

[4] Subject toapplicable terms and conditions.

[5] The free COVID-19coverage will be provided up until 31 December 2020 or 30 days after theDisease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level has gone down togreen, whichever is earlier.

[6] Eligible forcorporate customers with a general practitioner outpatient plan.

[7]Must beSingapore Residents (with a valid NRIC / FIN) and aged between 18 and 65 (ageas at last birthday) when he or she applies for the free AIA #ShareTheLoveInsurance policy.

[8] Please referto the AIA #ShareTheLove Insurance policy contract for the full terms andconditions.

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1.     Hong Kong SARrefers to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

2.     Macau SAR refers toMacau Special Administrative Region.