Joey Yap Enlightens 2,000 Participants From 48 Nations on How to Use their Birthdate to Escalate their Wealth, Career and Relationship

July 01, 2019 - 02:38
Joey Yap Enlightens 2,000 Participants From 48 Nations on How to Use their Birthdate to Escalate their Wealth, Career and Relationship

Over 2,000 participants gathered in Singapore for the Grow Rich with BaZi LIVE 2019 event to learn how to use BaZi to design the Destiny Code in their life and create the future they desire


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach- 1 July 2019 -  A popular saying goes,'Destiny is the one who deals the deck, but we are the ones who play thecards.' It is truth that upon birth, we are all dealt with a certain hand withwhich we have to play. The BaZi system, reputed as the most authentic for theforecast of an individual's destiny, is not to be taken lightly. Our life isthe canvas, and our thoughts and actions are like a palette, from which we canpaint any picture we wish. However, many find themselves stumped on whatactions to take. In light of this, Joey Yap has created an expertly curatedprogramme to enlighten individuals from all walks of life on how to useexclusive BaZi insights to design their own personal road map to wealth/financialsuccess. From 22 to 25 June 2019, over 2,000 eager participants of 48nationalities jumped at the opportunity to hear his insights.


As one of the entrepreneurial behemoths and game-changers in Asia,Joey Yap packaged his solid words of wisdom on the way to wealth amidstchallenging economic times in a concise four-day class. Participants from allover the world, including countries like United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia andmore, gathered in Singapore Expo to discover the various strategies that will helpcreate the future they desire. More often than not, it is to make followingtheir passion a full time job.


One should never fall victim of old beliefs that destiny is inert,immovable and still. Our futures can only be planted, watered, taken care ofand harvested by ourselves. Decide what you want to do with your life, yourworld and your environment. Instead of blaming great omnipotent beings foreverything that happens, let them work to your advantage and take charge ofyour destiny. An all-new programme created by Joey Yap and the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, Grow Rich WithBaZi Live 2019 provides the full proof game plan to do just that. The programmeis aimed at understanding the ancient BaZi classics and distilling it formodern and practical use. The subjects covered are an important tool in anypractitioner's arsenal, and are highly recommended for anyone seeking to useBaZi, even for experienced students.


BaZi is a life mapping tool and an ancientway of destiny analysis. The term BaZi is the Chinese term for "Eight Characters"or what many people term as four pillars. Each pillar has two Chinesecharacters, making it "Eight Characters". A person's four pillars chart isderived from the year, month, day and time of birth using the Chinese solar calendar.The chart can be used to forecast the destiny and characteristics of anindividual and the relationships and interaction between the individual withthe surrounding environment. BaZi takes into account various factors includingdate and time of birth, ancient Chinese astrology, the concept of Yin and Yang,early childhood luck, decade luck period, the interactions of five elements:metal, wood, water, fire and earth, and more.


During the four-day class , Joey Yap shared on his own incredible journey as a BaZi practitionerand gave a complete walk-through of real-life BaZi applications, solutions andresults. He provided in-depth explanations through a careful dissection of BaZitechniques and principles. Designed to cement one's proficiency, understanding,and thoroughness of BaZi, the 4-day class promises a whole new level oflearning. Participants walked away with a top-notch BaZi experience and amplesubject matter knowledge, one which allows them to make accurate readings forcritical decisions in future.


While the participants came from different parts of the world, everyonecame for different purposes and had their own key takeaways.


Mar, who took a 16-hour flight from Wisconsin, United States toSingapore to catch Joey Yap's event live, is a strong believer in histeachings. Prior to this, he has attended 3 other events hosted by Joey Yap."Joey Yap is incredible. He is a captivating speaker that never bores hisaudience. Through his valuable teachings, I've learnt how to deal with situation-specific circumstanceswith the best course of action taken from my BaZi chart. Now, I'm able toharness the knowledge to make a wise choice," said the businessman.


Professionals in Chinese Acupuncture, Marzanna and Barbara fromPoland looked to BaZi to improve their business after being influenced by theirteacher in Poland, who benefited from Joey Yap's teachings. "The knowledge ofBaZi will assist us in understanding our clients better, and therefore allow usto better resolve aspects of their life through our Chinese Acupunctureservices. His academic teaching style makes it extremely easy for first timestudents like us, and we couldn't be more appreciative of his fluency andeye-opening insights."


Having a deep understanding of ourselves is vital for everythingwe do. Many followed Joey Yap's events to enrich their self-knowledge. Eva whocame all the way from Slovakia, Europe shared enthusiastically, "His classesare the best in the world! Through attending his events, I am able to discoverand understand myself better. The experience is enlightening and phenomenal." Shewill be using her learnings to make a successful occupation change. Maria, anInvestment Manager turned Chinese Metaphysic Consultant from Russia wasthrilled that Joey Yap heightened her skills on BaZi, while Joyce, a LifeScience professional from Singapore, was happy to empower herself withself-awareness of her weaknessesand strengths through BaZi.


Apart from self-development,there were those who seek to help others with BaZi. Mr New, who took on amentoring role in the Engineering Industry hopes to guide youngsters with hisknowledge of BaZi. Regardless of the purpose and circumstance, all participantswalked away with the necessary knowledge of BaZi, and how best to use it toimprove their life.


Grow Rich with BaZi LIVE 2019 hosted by Joey Yap had an amazingturnout and was extremely well-received by all participants. If you missed outon the seminar but would like to explore the use of BaZi and Metaphysicsfurther, please visit to download theBeginner's Guide eBook.  

About Joey Yap

A luminary in his ownright, Joey Yap's expertise in the study of Chinese Metaphysics is well soughtafter. He has been featured in international media outlets such as BBC, CNBC,TIME, Forbes, CNN and Bloomberg. He was listed in the Malaysian Tatler's Top 300Most Influential People in Malaysia; and Prestige's Top 40 Under 40. He is alsoa best-selling author of 179 books with more than 4.2 million copies soldworldwide. Earlier this year, some 20,000 participants attended his LiveSeminar to hear his expert insights on Chinese Metaphysics. For moreinformation, check out Joey Yap's website here: