AIP launches public offering at Korean conference

May 07, 2019 - 02:30
AIP launches public offering at Korean conference

SEOUL,SOUTH KOREA - Media OutReach - 3 May 2019 - AIPInternational Investment Institution (AIP), a cutting-edge digital asset managementcorporation, officially launched its initial public offering for the Asia Pacific region on April 28. This conference was held at the Landinghall of Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel in Jeju Island, Korea.

AIP ( is a digital asset company dedicated toblockchain technology.

"Information technology is the world'smost concentrated R&D investment," said AIP's Chief Operating Officer Peter Kalmar, whoattended the event along with Joe Radiant, Chief Technology Officer at thefirm.

"At present, the application ofblockchain has extended to the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing,artificial intelligence, global payment, supply chain management, digital assettraining and other fields. It will many opportunities for cloud computing."

Jiang Kun, founder of HASHTOKEN,and Gi Ge, founder of the Gi Ge Family, also participated in the conference.

AIPapplications include: 

  • 5G
  • ArtificialIntelligence
  • Internetof Things
  • GlobalIntelligent Payments

The term 5G (short for 5th Generation) refers to a new product line of advanced wirelesssystems. "In the next5-10 years, we will build a new ecosystem of 5G industry based on AIPintelligent manufacturing technology," said Radiant. "Innovative applicationssuch as AIP and Internet of Things are leading the transformation and upgradingof manufacturing modes, which will bring significant opportunities for thetransformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries in various countries."

AIP's smart contract program, run byArtificial Intelligence, is more than just a computer program that can beexecuted automatically. It is a system participant itself. It responds to thereceived message, it can receive and store value, and it can send outinformation and value.

AIP is also heavily involved with theInternet of Things, an Internet connection between computing devices embedded in everyday objects, which allowsthem to send and receive important business information.

Another significant AIP feature is internationalpayment services achieved through blockchain technology. "We enable clients to achieve point-to-point paymentanywhere in the world and eliminate the intermediate links of many financialinstitutions," explained Kalmar. "We provide all-weather payment, real-time accountarrival and simple cash withdrawal without hidden costs.

"Security, transparency and low riskmake cross-border remittances safer and faster. AIP will inject new vitalityinto the development and innovation of blockchain technology." noted Radiant.

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