AmTrust Mobile Solutions Leads Industry Innovation for Device Protection

May 06, 2019 - 05:43
AmTrust Mobile Solutions Leads Industry Innovation for Device Protection

KUALA LUMPUR,MALAYSIA - MediaOutReach - 6 MAY 2019 - In Malaysia, the number ofsmartphone users is estimated to reach 18.4 million in 2019. Across AsiaPacific, that number is 1.5 billion. And AmTrust Mobile Solutions is poised toprovide innovative smartphone protection plans to this rapidly growing market.


Foundedin Kuala Lumpur in 2006 with three employees, AmTrust Mobile Solutions(formerly TecProtec) now employs 650 people regionally. To complement thisgrowth, currently AmTrust Mobile Solutions is in seven markets -- Malaysia,Indonesia, The Philippines, India, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The companyserved 4 million new customers in 2018 alone through 39,000 points of sale.


"Weare proud of our Malaysian beginnings and our regional headquarters is stilllocated here. When we started in 2006, we had a simple goal: to provide properprotection for smartphones. No more painful searches for repair services, nomore costly fees to repair or replace, no more wasted time. Ultimately, we wantto keep our customers connected for life by solving problems for them in thefastest and easiest possible way," says Mark Simmons, Group CEO of AmTrustMobile Solutions.


Awareness about the availability of smartphoneprotection is still low in Malaysia and in many Asian countries. But numbersshow a positive trend in smartphone owners getting value from their devicesthrough protection plans. AmTrust Mobile Solutions has fulfilled more than136,000 service requests in 2018, valued at more than RM82 million (USD$20million) worth of repairs and replacements.


Andwith the rapid growth in the regional smartphone market showing no signs ofslowing down, the company is set to provide innovative solutions to meet theever-growing demands of smartphone users in a constantly connected world.Mobile is becoming a basic need for a massive population, with usage increasingby the day.


 "We book rides, we order food, we book hotels,we purchase flights, we pay everywhere using our smartphones", added Mark. "Weall rely on our phones so much these days, so when they fail it can be quitetraumatic and disruptive".


Ashe points out, there is no doubt that the demand for digital payments isdrastically increasing. In 2017 alone, over 1 billion transactions wereperformed using smartphones via digital wallets and online banking. With thisgrowing dependence on smartphones as e-wallets and the launch of new modelsevery year making digital devices more affordable and accessible for all,protection solutions are more important than ever.


AndAmTrust Mobile Solutions is geared up to provide them, promising an'uninterrupted digital lifestyle' to its customers, including deviceprotection, repairs, trade-ins, and tech support. Cracked screens, brokenphones, liquid damage, and extended warranties can all be covered. Even 24-hourrepairs are offered in key cities so that customers can stay online, all thetime.  "We're committed to leveragingtechnology to bring a broad range of convenient, affordable smartphoneprotection plans to customers," said Mark, "and in turn, offer them peace ofmind in their daily digital lives".

About AmTrust Mobile Solutions

AmTrustMobile Solutions by AmTrust International provides after-sales solutions tohelp customers stay connected to their smartphone and other smart devices withpeace of mind. From device protection and repair work to trade-in services andtechnical support, AmTrust Mobile Solutions provides a range of services undera single roof. Its consumer brand, TecProtec, is present in The Philippines,Indonesia and Malaysia, where millions of new customers each year avail ofprotection plans for their smartphones.


AmTrustInternational is a part of the AmTrust Financial Services Inc, a multinationalproperty and casualty insurer specialising in coverage for small businesses.Since its founding 19 years ago, AmTrust has grown with nearly 8,000 employeesin more than 125 offices serving 70 countries around the globe.


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About TecProtec

TecProtec,a brand of AmTrust Mobile Solutions, is a device protection program that givesyou peace of mind. As smartphones become an integrated part of our lifestyle,it is important to ensure our devices are protected and TecProtec ensures thatyou're always connected.


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