FOOD TAIPEI 5-in-1 Mega Expo

April 01, 2019 - 08:01
FOOD TAIPEI 5-in-1 Mega Expo

A 5-in-1 Expo FeaturingFood Taipei, Foodtech & Bio/Pharmatech, Taipei Pack, Taiwan Horeca, andHalal Taiwan


The scale of this 5-in-1Mega Expo has reached a new peak and advanced into ninecities!


TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 1 April 2019 - TAITRA aims to strengthen exchange andcooperation between international food importers and Taiwan's food, foodprocessing and packaging machinery, hospitality equipment, and halalindustries. It has therefore selected nine major cities in eight countries includingParis, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Sydney, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, New York,Tokyo, and Toronto, to host promotional briefings during March-April. Theconference will present the current situation, advantages, future trends, andcooperation opportunities of Taiwan's food and food-related industries. TAITRAwill also invite local importers with a strong interest in Taiwan's foodindustry supply chain to visit the FOOD TAIPEI 5-in-1 Mega Expo in June of thisyear.

2019 Food Taipei will be in full swing!


The Asian food industry's annual event,the grand 5-in-1 expo, features Food Taipei, Foodtech & Bio/Pharmatech,Taipei Pack, Taiwan Horeca, and Halal Taiwan, and will take place June 19-22,2019. In addition to the original Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX1),and the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 (TWTC Hall 1), the newly built NangangExhibition Center Hall 2 (TaiNEX2), which was officially opened in March, willalso accommodate the expo. By taking on the new exhibition hall, FOOD TAIPEI5-in-1 Mega Expo's scale will reach new heights with up to 4,800 booths. Suchscale will pave the way for new strategies.


FOOD TAIPEI combines food products,processed food products and pharmaceutical production machinery, packaging, anddining/restaurant equipment in a single comprehensive supply platform to createa comprehensive upstream, downstream, midstream, and peripheral supply chain.Showcasing the world's highest-quality, most refined, innovative, diverse,exciting, healthy, and safe food, FOOD TAIPEI offers buyers a one-stop shop forall their purchasing needs. Indeed, it is the primary procurement platform forthe global Chinese and Asian food industry.


GlobalNation Pavilions, Taiwan Agricultural Products Regional Government Pavilions,and Flagship Brand Pavilions debut for the first time. Food industry elitesgather in TWTC Hall 1.

TWTC Hall 1 will feature an exclusivefood and beverage event. Visitors can engage local, fresh farm-to-tableproduce, as well as the top selection of international food ingredients, allunder one roof. All of Taiwan's regional governments and public associationswill actively participate in the exhibition, presenting quality foods from allover Taiwan, and making the expo the Asia food industry's preferred procurementplatform. For the first time, the famous Taiwanese food factory I-Mei, KinmenKaoliang Liquor and Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor will join the Flagship BrandPavilion to bring a refreshing experience for overseas buyers! Some 34countries will bring the national pavilions to life. Popular pavilions such asthe United States, Japan, and South Korea, will be joined this year for thefirst time by the United Kingdom and Colombia. The volume of internationalexhibitors has grown by more than 50%, and therefore we are anticipating awonderful international multi-food culture. No doubt, the event is the bestplatform for international manufacturers seeking new trading partners.


Abiotechnology food and pharmaceutical equipment area will be added for thefirst time in response to vigorous development of the biotechnology andpharmaceutical industries.

Taiwan's nearly 40-year-old frozen foodmachinery and bread-baking machinery manufacturer ANKO Food Machine will jointhe food machinery exhibition lineup alongside Hundred Machinery, renowned forits range of stuffed food forming machines. In addition to smart manufacturing,the industry has also recently begun to develop the biotechnology andpharmaceutical sectors. Therefore, a special pavilion at TaiNEX2 will showcasea Biotech/Pharmaceutical Machinery and Components Zone, allowing overseasbuyers to experience more diverse products and technologies. Moreover, newmanufacturers are able to join with the expansion of the exhibition space.Combining the booths in the original TaiNEX1, the expo will reach a scale of2,000 booths, making it a pivotal food tech exhibition in Asia. Widelyacclaimed, the Smart Machinery Competition is entering its fourth year. It hasinvited industry and academic experts to select exhibitors focusing onproductivity 4.0 and on-site smart manufacturing. The technology on show willbe an eye-opener for overseas buyers and will lay the foundation for upgradingfood production and packaging materials, as well as refining food processing.


WithTaiwan's increasingly popular Muslim-friendly environment, the scale of HalalTaiwan reaches new heights.

With Taiwan's increasingly popularMuslim-friendly environment in recent years, Halal Taiwan is expected to doublein size in the next year. The Indonesia Pavilion will re-launch this year tobring local, quality food products to Taiwan's trading partners. The previous(2018), highly-praised, Halal Pavilion showcased Halal-certified health foods,general foods, and basics in distinct areas. This year, more of Taiwan'shigh-quality Halal products will be presented, indicating the strength ofTaiwan's Halal industry.


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Founded in 1970, TAITRA is Taiwan'sforemost nonprofit trade promoting organization. Sponsored by the governmentand industry organizations, TAITRA assists enterprises to expand their globalreach. Headquartered in Taipei, TAITRA has a team of 1,300 specialists andoperates 5 local offices in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung aswell as 63 branches worldwide. Together with Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC)and Taiwan Trade Center (TTC), TAITRA has formed a global network dedicated topromoting world trade.