Indonesian Manufacturer CV Laksana Improves Efficiency by 25% with Infor

February 27, 2019 - 02:46
Indonesian Manufacturer CV Laksana Improves Efficiency by 25% with Infor

Bus component manufacturer also increased year-on-year revenue by 15 percent


JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Media OutReach - 27 February 2019 - Infor, a global leader in businesscloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Indonesian buscomponent manufacturer CV Laksana has increased business efficiencies by 25percent after implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solutions inits manufacturing and inventory management processes. The manufacturer has alsoachieved a revenue turnover rate of 15 percent in 2018.

Established in 1967, CV Laksana manufactures highly customizable and complexbus components for clients throughout Asia Pacific. Prior to implementation,Bill of Materials (BOM) processes were done manually and the company facedchallenges in managing inventory stock movements from their warehouse.

After the roll-out of Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), the companystreamlined business efficiency by 20 percent in 2017 and 25 percent in 2018,having a particularly positive impact on inventory management. The company nowhas the infrastructure to manage complex Bill of Materials of different typesof buses that the company produces. Currently the Material RequirementsPlanning (MRP) system from Infor CloudSuite manages more than 5,000 parts eachday, which is a vast improvement in efficiency from previous processes. With InforCloudSuite, efficiency improvements are expected to further increase in thenext few years.

"Our vision at CV Laksana is to become the best partner for bus operatorsin Asia, and we are committed to providing safe and innovative designs forworld-class quality buses in the region," said Iwan Herianto Arman, CEO, CVLaksana, "Through our partnership with Infor, we have streamlined planningprocesses and enhanced our overall view of inventory flows. Infor has shownthat it has the experience and flexibility to continue to cater to ourparticular business needs."

"Our clients have unique business demands, evolving manufacturing processes,and complex inventory management systems. By partnering with Infor and byimplementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial, CV Laksana is now equipped with thetools to more efficiently manage inventory and enhance end-to-end operations,"said Wesley Kowalski, Head of ASEAN, Infor. "With a deep commitment toproviding purpose-built, industry-specific applications in the cloud, we lookforward to a continued partnership with CV Laksana, working together to meettheir manufacturing and overall business objectives."

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About CV Laksana

Established in 1967 Laksana is always committed to providing safe,innovative design and world-class quality buses in accordance with the customerrequirements. Our vision is to become the best partner for bus operators inAsia through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork andinnovation. We are committed to becoming Indonesia's mosttechnologically-advanced and world class manufacturer in commercial vehicleindustry (specifically in the bus industry).

Our company works closely with the customers, adopting best in classprocesses and emphasizes communication, participation, self-management, andteamwork to our people to create best-in-class products.