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SingularDTV Asia Crypto Artist Music Tour Proven a new way to embrace Entertainment Technology empowered by Blockchain

Update: September, 18/2018 - 02:29

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HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 18 September 2018 - The business model of the music industry is never being transparency. While a lot of people often define the singers and music types by the names of "mainstream", "non-mainstream" and "Indie band". The so-called independent musicians and "non-mainstream" music do not necessarily represent an alternative style.


The musicians with more silent efforts in the music industry are on the verge of their careers. They are talented and have great abilities, but they often face a problem of not able to have a stable source of income through creation due to limited resources, network, and lack of support from the industry. This group of people then need to go to work for the sake of life, but they are insisting on creating music with their tired body at night after work. Due to various restrictions and limitation on mainstream media and distribution channels, it is difficult for the public to reach and acknowledge this group of musician existence. The ultimate goal they want is not necessarily money and a job, the more they enter the audience and could share and influence people by their music, it will be the driving force for them to continue the music creations work.


Musicians & Fans are embracing Entertainment Technology

SingularDTV, the global entertainment technology company, is providing a new way out for this group of musician to ignite their music career empowered by blockchain technology, as well as to create excitement for fans and music-lovers. The SingularDTV Asia Crypto Artist Music Tour is partnering with one of the largest china music & art group HuoTaoLi and UeBanWan. The music tour is giving a message that the society demands for a diversity of music and entertainment technology brought by SingularDTV Asia is helping artists and industry in many different ways. The music concert will be held in different cultural venues with a group of selected asia crypto musicians under SingularDTV ecosystem. The first series of the music tour was kickoff on 14th & 15th September in Guangzhou, with Hong Kong Hard Rock Band - "NastyDudes", over thousand fans witness and support the new entertainment ecosystem and musicians bought by SingularDTV.

Blockchain in the Music Industry

SingularDTV is a blockchain-based entertainment technology (EnTech) company headquartered in Switzerland, with regional teams around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The SingularDTV team is made up of thought leaders from the entertainment, technology, communication and finance industries. 


With use of the decentralized, peer-to-peer ledger system, SingularDTV provides an instantaneous value exchange, applying in areas such as copyrights, revenue, or real-time streaming metrics. SingularDTV is building a unique entertainment ecosystem of applications with the creator in mind and empowering them an innovative business model in four core aspects: funding, production, support, and distribution. This will restore trust and confidence to creators while delivering an exceptional experience for consumers. 

SingularDTV also creates and distributes original content. SingularDTV will release its first film, Alex Winter's feature-length documentary "Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain", worldwide in the fall of 2018. SingularDTV is producing the feature film "The Happy Worker" by Duwayne Dunham, with executive producer David Lynch.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SingularDTV

Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/singulardtv-blockchain-entech/ 


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