Advancement of Entertainment Technology (EnTech) into Hong Kong, Zpecial Announces to Release New Music Using SingularDTV’s Blockchain Technology

July, 31/2018 - 10:47
Advancement of Entertainment Technology (EnTech) into Hong Kong, Zpecial Announces to Release New Music Using SingularDTV’s Blockchain Technology

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 31 July 2018 - Zpecial, a local band formed 9 years ago, has regrouped inNovember 2017 to continue on their musical journey. On 28th July, Zpecial successfully completed their debut concert entitled<<The Impulse to Travel>>, along with the announcement of releasingtheir new album. The band was greeted by close to 300 HKDI (Hong Kong DesignInstitute) students and fans during the concert, which was filled with highenergy throughout the night's performance.

Zpecial Announces to Release New Music Using Blockchain Technology


The band did encounter their fair share of difficulties during theearly days such as the inability to pay rent for the band room during highschool period. Even though members consisted of students and junior employeeswho in their first jobs, their minds were full of musical aspirations.Discontented with the mundane working lifestyle, they decided to leave theircomfort zone and give their best efforts in the music industry.  With undeterred passion and talents in theirhearts, along with support from their alma mater (HKDI), they've finallyachieved the feat of holding their first successful solo concert. However, thisis just the beginning of a long journey ahead.


The current opportunities in the Hong Kong music industry are verylimited, where launching albums and song writing are known to be no longerviable for sustainability and survival. Despite facing these limitations, Zpecial fearlessly set their sights beyond the China, HongKong and Macau markets and onto the global stage. During the concert, the bandalso announced a music collaboration with a global blockchain entertainment company, SingularDTV,where their next album will be tokenized using the company's blockchain technologyin efforts to funding, rightsmanagement and content distribution of their music.They strive to attain fame in the music industry with this technology. "We havealways wanted to continue reinventing ourselves and try different approacheswhen creating our music ... and this method of launching our new album has neverbeen done by any artiste in Hong Kong before! We will also launch exclusive Zpecial's token using the same technology and generate crowdfunding for thealbum and build fan-base economy through a suite ofdecentralized applications (dAPP) empowered SingularDTV."


SingularDTV was foundedin 2016 in Switzerland and became the world's first entertainment technology companyusing blockchain. It has received the 2017 Blockchain Best Industry ApplicationAward and the 2018 World's Most Innovative Brand Award. The current team ofover 100 employees already has presence in countries such as the Switzerland, U.S.,Japan and Korea before completing the setup of a base in Hong Kong in February2018. With the deployment of blockchain technology, the company establishes abreakthrough from conventional functions of the entertainment industryby empowering all sorts of digitalcontent creators such as independent musicians, bands, film makers, e-book writers tomanage intellectual properties of their own works onblockchain instead of being restricted by major companiesor intermediaries traditionally. The tokenization of Zpecial's new album through the use of blockchain technologynot only elevates the band onto the world stage, fans can also give theirdirect support while enjoying the benefits that come along with its token economy. This brandnew interactive format between creators and fans as brought about by SingularDTV,along with the new industrial economic model, will revolutionize the industryworldwide by empowering creators to achieve their own brands and fame.

SingularDTV will be holding a meetup session between 7pm and 9pm on15th August. For more information and registration matters, pleaserefer to the following website.


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