Kaspersky Joins Forces with Green Radar to Launch grShield, Helping Enterprises Address New Challenges

June 03, 2024 - 08:06
Kaspersky Joins Forces with Green Radar to Launch grShield, Helping Enterprises Address New Challenges
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 3 June 2024 - The globally renowned cybersecurity company Kaspersky announced a strategic partnership with the regional leading email cybersecurity company - Green Radar (Hong Kong). This collaboration has led to the launch of an innovative managed endpoint detection and response solution called grShield. The introduction of this product showcases Kaspersky's depth of expertise in the cybersecurity field once again and brings unprecedented security protection to enterprise customers across the Asia-Pacific region.
The launch of grShield is the result of the joint efforts between Kaspersky and Green Radar. The product integrates Kaspersky's cutting-edge technologies, combined with Green Radar's local security operations center (SOC) and proprietary threat intelligence, providing enterprise users with unprecedented visibility, advanced root cause analysis capabilities, and automated incident response mechanisms. This means that if an enterprise is subjected to a cyberattack or faces security threats, grShield can quickly identify and respond to it, minimizing the impact and protecting the business operations from disruption.
As a leading player in the global cybersecurity field, Kaspersky has always been dedicated to providing comprehensive security protection for enterprises. Its core technical team possesses extensive cybersecurity experience and expertise, enabling them to respond swiftly to various new security threats and challenges. Green Radar, a company with a leading position in the field of email cybersecurity, also boasts strong technical capabilities and rich industry experience. The collaboration between the two will undoubtedly bring more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent security protection to enterprise users.
During the development of grShield, Kaspersky fully leveraged its technological advantages in the cybersecurity field. Its technology, as an advanced endpoint detection and response solution, has already gained recognition and adoption by numerous enterprises globally. Through close collaboration with Green Radar, Kaspersky has successfully integrated this technology into grShield, equipping it with even stronger security defense capabilities and higher levels of intelligence.
Furthermore, grShield combines Kaspersky's global threat intelligence with the local threat intelligence collected by Green Radar's grMail. This cross-regional, cross-platform intelligence sharing model enables grShield to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the cyber threat landscape and trends. As a result, grShield can provide enterprise customers with more precise and timely security protection.
Commenting on this collaboration, Ernest Chai, Head of Channel For Asia Pacific, Kaspersky, said: " We are honored to partner with Green Radar to launch the innovative grShield product. By combining Green Radar's expertise in cybersecurity with Kaspersky's leading security technology, we are able to provide more comprehensive and effective security protection for enterprise users. We believe that this strategic partnership will safeguard our clients in the increasingly complex digital environment."
Kenneth Ma, Green Radar's Sales Executive Vice President, stated:" We are delighted to launch grShield. Green Radar and Kaspersky have collaborated to create a powerful platform that elevates endpoint protection to a new level. With the full support of our local SOC team, we provide local enterprises with a comprehensive and proactive endpoint security solution."
In the future, Kaspersky will continue to maintain a close partnership with Green Radar, continuously upgrading and enhancing the features and performance of grShield. At the same time, Kaspersky will also increase its investment and research and development efforts in the cybersecurity field, continuously launching more innovative cybersecurity products and services, providing global users with more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent security protection.
In conclusion, the launch of grShield represents a significant collaborative achievement between Kaspersky and Green Radar in the field of cybersecurity. This product not only showcases Kaspersky's exceptional technical capabilities and expertise in the field of cybersecurity, but also brings more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent security protection to enterprise customers. In the future, Kaspersky will collaborate with more partners to introduce similar products and solutions, working together to safeguard the digital world.
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