Hillier Industries Expands Services To Custom-Requested Products To Accommodate Growing Needs

October 01, 2023 - 12:52
Hillier Industries Expands Services To Custom-Requested Products To Accommodate Growing Needs
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 2 October 2023 - Hillier Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore's leading pioneer in commercial offset printing, has announced its intentional step to meet and serve the need for customised B2C and B2B printing services through the expansion of its current services to accommodate custom-requested printed products.
Because of the recent COVID pandemic, the current economic market is still recovering from the after-effects. Yet despite its present bleakness, many businesses are going through a rebranding process, coming up with new marketing campaigns to attempt to attract loyal customers as well as new ones. To aid these businesses in the success of their marketing campaigns, Hillier Industries has expanded their current services to custom-requested printed products. The focus of this expansion is not on the uniqueness of the products they are able to produce but on their assurance of their capabilities.
Currently, at Hillier Industries, their primary services include silk screen printing, UV rotary printing, chemical etching, press stamping, laser marking, die cutting, and slitting. With their current range of services, they are able to produce products such as tagging, nameplates, as well as label and sticker printings. With their experience in the industry and modern equipment, they aim to provide custom-requested products that are tailored to the services they provide, creating individually unique products specified by each customer.
Product customisability is and will be an integral aspect of businesses for years to come. Even today, it will still be a priority for many industries and sectors. Product customisation is vital because it will allow customers to feel like they are a part of their products' development process. In addition, product customisation can be conducted to help businesses understand their consumers better. With product customisation, companies are able to target specific demographics and markets better, creating marketable products.
Established in 1981, Hillier Industries is considered one of the longest-running commercial printing companies, serving not only Singapore but also the surrounding Asia Pacific market region. Their fundamental founding principles are ensuring that they provide high-quality and competitively priced printing services to their customers. Over the years, they have innovated printing techniques to keep up-to-date with evolving needs and standards while maintaining affordability and committed services.
For more information on Hillier Industries and their extensive range of printing services, as well as their latest custom-requested printed products, visit https://www.hillier.com.sg/ to find out more!
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