Huatai International announces global launch of Cash Pro service -- an automated cash management tool by Zhangle Global

May 19, 2022 - 02:38
Huatai International announces global launch of Cash Pro service -- an automated cash management tool by Zhangle Global

Earn dividend every day[1] ; Enter the market anytime

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 May 2022 - Huatai International Financial Holdings Company Ltd. (Huatai International) today announces that Zhangle Global, a wealth management platform built for the global Chinese community, has released Cash Pro service. Designed to automate the process of idle cash management, Cash Pro offers a relatively low-risk and liquid option for investors, giving them the flexibility of earning dividend by investing their cash holdings in fund while waiting for the right timing to enter the market.
Investors can now activate the Cash Pro service from the "Wealth" interface within the homepage menu of Zhangle Global App. After the service is activated, all idle funds in their Zhangle Global accounts will be automatically transferred to Cash Pro on every trading day. In other words, they will be automatically used to subscribe an exclusive fund linked to Cash Pro service, with the goal of earning dividend daily[2]. In the meantime, funds placed in Cash Pro can be redeemed for other investments at any time.
Cash Pro service requires no minimum investment amount. Currently there is no charges or fees for subscription, redemption, transaction, switching, and other services. The fund[3] currently available to users is jointly launched by Huatai International and China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited. It focuses primarily on low-risk assets such as money markets investments denominated in USD or HKD. The fund has been authorized and is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong (SFC).
Zhu Yali, Managing Director at Huatai Financial and Head of Zhangle Global, said: "The successful launch of Cash Pro service by Zhangle Global is a result of Huatai International's extraordinary ability to integrate finance and technology. It further fills the gap of automation of idle fund management in Hong Kong. Zhangle Global is committed to providing investors with a well-balanced service offering under the current volatile market, and to continuously promoting the concept of 'idle fund management'. The successful launch of Cash Pro service is an important step for Zhangle Global to become the preferred one-stop wealth management platform for the global Chinese community. In the future, we will continue to invest in Fintech as we provide more innovative wealth management services for our clients."
Target daily dividend accrual[4], automated fund subscription and redemption
As global financial markets became more volatile in recent years, investors' demand for defensive asset allocations increased. The cash management options currently available in the market include savings and fixed deposits, money market funds, etc. These options are relatively illiquid and tend to have high entry barriers, unstable or even low returns, making them difficult to meet investors' requirements of low risk, stable returns, and high liquidity.
Cash Pro service invests the daily balance amount in investors' accounts into designated funds. Dividend is expected to be distributed on each trading day, while dividend may also be calculated on non-trading days and accrued until the next distribution day. Fund products[5] linked to Cash Pro service aims to achieve a stable return through investing in money market instruments denominated in HKD or USD.
100% cash purchasing power, a well-balanced approach
The liquidity of Cash Pro service is comparable to bank deposits. It supports T+0 settlement. An investor's holdings in Cash Pro are fully counted as his or her cash purchasing power, meaning that they can be used for equity transactions, IPO subscriptions or mutual fund investment, etc. inside Zhangle Global App. While investors are waiting for the right time to invest, the idle funds are invested daily into the fund linked to Cash Pro service, increasing their utilization efficiency. When investors come across suitable investment opportunities, they can at any time utilize the purchasing power of the cash in their accounts without any risk of transfer delays.
At 11 am each trading day, the system automatically diverts all idle funds in users' accounts to subscribe to the fund linked to Cash Pro service. Investors need not to give any instruction manually. Investors can also get a full view of their holdings and daily returns in Zhangle Global App.
As Cash Pro service goes online, Huatai International is simultaneously launching a double cash reward campaign, with reward amount up to HKD10,000. During the promotion period, investors who sign up for the Cash Pro service and invest over a designated amount will receive a limited-time reward of annualized return as high as 3%, with total reward amount as high as HKD10,000. At the same time, investors who successfully invite their friends to become effective users of Zhangle Global will receive limited-time reward of up to 3% annualized return. Users can participate in and receive rewards from both activities. For more details, please refer to information in the Zhangle Global App.

1,2,4 The Fund linked to Cash Pro service aims to pay dividends on a daily basis. However, there is no guarantee on the dividend payout rate and whether dividends will be paid regularly. Investors should read the Fund offering documents for details of the Fund's dividend payout policy.
3,5 The Fund is not a money market fund authorized for sale to the public under the SFC Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds. The Fund's eligible investment instruments; the weighted average maturity and duration of the Fund's portfolio; the remaining maturity of the instruments in which the Fund invests; and the percentage of the Fund's total assets invested in sales and repurchase transactions do not meet the limits applicable to money market funds in Hong Kong. The Fund may be more adversely affected by interest rate changes and is subject to higher levels of credit risk, counterparty risk, interest rate risk, volatility and liquidity risk.

About Huatai International

Huatai International Financial Holdings Company Limited (“Huatai International”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huatai Securities Co., Limited (601688.SH and 6886.HK). Huatai International operates its Hong Kong business under the SFC license type 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9 via its wholly owned subsidiary Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited(“Huatai Financial”). It carries out the US wealth management business via its subsidiary, AssetMark, and the US investment banking business via Huatai Securities (USA). Because of its strong capital base, excellent business operations, and mature risk management system, the rating agency Standard & Poor’s assigned a credit rating of BBB+ (long-term issuer) and A-2 (short-term issuer) to Huatai International.

About Zhangle Global
Zhangle Global is a one-stop wealth management platform developed by Huatai International, providing stock trading services for Hong Kong equities, US equities, A-shares and Singapore equities, and other financial products that include mutual funds, ETF, insurance, and AI-powered investment advisory services. The cumulative downloads of Zhangle Global has surpassed 1 million times.

Cash Pro service is an idle fund management service launched by Huatai International's Zhangle Global. Through automatic subscription or redemption, Cash Pro service invests idle cash in customers' accounts into funds authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. This document has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong and has been prepared by Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited.

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