FreeFlow Finance and IX Fintech Digital Form Strategic Partnership for Synergistic Cooperation

May 16, 2022 - 03:38
FreeFlow Finance and IX Fintech Digital Form Strategic Partnership for Synergistic Cooperation

FreeFlow payments infrastructure enabling universal access to regulated digital assets and IX Fintech’s portfolio of innovative digital asset products make for a win-win outcome

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 16 May 2022 - FreeFlow Finance Limited (FreeFlow) and IX Fintech Digital (International) Company Limited (IX Fintech Digital) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining FreeFlow's world's first interoperability infrastructure for cross-border payments, trade transactions and retail commerce, using regulated digital currencies with IX Fintech Digital's leading digital asset products and services including digital asset index products, digital asset wallet, digital double-offline retail point system network and related digital finance innovation.
The strategic partnership will open up the potential for IX Fintech Digital to add fully regulated digital asset payment/settlement functionality and regtech/compliance solutions to their portfolio of services for their customers and partners, and to enable institutional DeFi use cases to allow new business model opportunities for FX, cash management, and lending.
The strategic partnership will also open up the opportunity for FreeFlow to explore specific use cases to connect Hong Kong customers to facilitate cross-border transactions into Greater China leveraging FreeFlow's interoperability infrastructure and strategic partners, and IX Fintech Digital's digital wallet and digital asset products.
The parties will start their strategic partnership by engaging in a feasibility study for technical integration of FreeFlow's interoperability infrastructure to IX Fintech Digital. This will be followed by deeper collaboration in follow-on phases to form business partnerships to commercially scale the opportunities identified.
"At FreeFlow, we're always looking for new synergistic partners for our ecosystem to reshape global finance and financial inclusion through regulated digital assets," said Michael Sung, Founder and CEO of FreeFlow. "Our strategic partnerships are instrumental in facilitating responsible financial solutions for SMEs and consumers, and we're excited to be working with IX Fintech Digital."
"At IX Fintech Digital, we strive to build the best practice and products for future financial markets, to achieve a more seamless, transparent, and efficient system," said Irene Wong, Founder and CEO of IX Fintech Digital. "With home base in Hong Kong, we aim to bridge between China and the other countries to achieve green, blue, cultural exchange and financial inclusion via the use of technology and treasure the opportunity to work with good partners like FreeFlow."

About FreeFlow Finance

FreeFlow Finance is the world's first interoperability infrastructure company for the next generation of cross-border payments, trade transactions and retail commerce, using regulated digital currencies. FreeFlow enables seamless integration with stable coins and central bank digital currencies through our cross-platform digital currency clearing and settlement and on-chain FX liquidity provision capabilities, powered by our institutional grade, vertically integrated, and regulatory compliant, single-window API platform.
About IX Fintech Digital
IX Fintech Digital is an award-winning company, providing best-in-class digital asset services, ranging from digital asset indexing, digital double-offline retail point system network to decentralized digital asset wallets, built on robust infrastructure. IX Fintech Digital (International) Company Limited offers products and services with high security and KYC/AML capabilities. Its digital asset wallet is equipped with post-quantum security and full-stack KYC/AML solutions.
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