Hong Kong Company New Generation Technology Aims to Promote the Landing and Popularization of NFT

April 02, 2022 - 04:36
Hong Kong Company New Generation Technology Aims to Promote the Landing and Popularization of NFT

By Demystifying the Market of NFT to Galvanize Individuals and Traditional Businesses with Extending Marketing Creativity

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 2 April 2022 - In 2021, with the hefty popularity of burgeoning concepts such as blockchain and metaverse, Non-fungible Tokens ("NFTs") have swept the global market and become the new favorite of avant-garde players in the digital asset universe. Thanks to its three distinctive attributes of rarity, indivisibility and uniqueness, NFT has been repurposed to a newfangled technical carrier, which not only endows artworks with rareness, but also ensures that their ownership cannot be compromised, while conducting secured and traceable transactions. Numerous luxury brands, celebrities and artists have launched NFTs linked to their products or works, the hotspots have constantly proliferated in the corresponding market.
Nowadays, a considerable stereotype towards NFT exists in the public. Many people deem it a dingus that is exclusively proprietary to high-end players, which requires extremely solid capital background and professional knowledge as pivot. Coupled with the lack of in-depth perception of the underlying logic of emerging concepts such as cryptocurrency or the metaverse, most believe that NFTs are unattainable, not full-fledged and credible enough, leave aside the intention to promote it as a proper investment tool to the ordinary people. In this regard, Mr. Francis Leung, CEO of New Generation Technology ("NGT" or "Company"), stated, "What NGT wants to achieve most is to abate this type of market myths, so that NFT circulations can make a leap from niche subject to mainstream and turn into a trend."
NGT devotes to the research and practice of various blockchain and NFT related cutting-edge technologies, such as ERC721A, the technique which can significantly save the "Gas Fee", namely the minting cost of NFT, the Company's tech team has already mastered it deftly. Meanwhile, to avoid malicious speculation and financial scams, the Company has also developed a strict screening system to complete cooperation procedures. Mr. Francis Leung added, "We are at the forefront in terms of technology, so it is particularly crucial to review and sift our partnerships. We must optimize strategy formulation and contract creation to nip the problems in the bud. The Company's vision is to realize the combination of NFT and traditional business, as well as help individuals and enterprises to expand their marketing coups. We believe that popularized NFTs have their evolution space. Collectors and creators do not have to become celebrities or tycoons to be eligible to enter the world of NFTs, metaverse or Web3.0. Any individual, personalized community or organization should be capable to issue their own NFTs, thus, the existence of NGT is to provide reliable and first-rate technical support for them, and to empower all valuable content with surefooted and pragmatic NFT technology."

About New Generation Technology (NGT)

Established in 2019, New Generation Technology (NGT) is a one-stop NFT project launcher headquartered in Hong Kong. Its expertise team consists of technical adepts keen on the tactics of cryptocurrency and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), in a bid to facilitate the feasibility of NFT in traditional industries. By providing technical know-how and contract creation services to owners with unique product portfolios, NGT specializes in minting and marketing exclusive NFTs for them, then launching to the market for secured and prudent circulation and turnovers, fueling the materialization of the value of digital assets still further.
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