Completion Products ventures into digitalisation, lowers expenditure by 10%

October 18, 2021 - 08:40
Completion Products ventures into digitalisation, lowers expenditure by 10%

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 October 2021 - Completion Products Pte Ltd (CP) is one of the many successful companies that have made proactive changes to digitalise its internal processes, and was able to lower its operating expenditure significantly by 10%.

With the support of Enterprise Singapore (ESG), CP was able to implement an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution that has since then made a significantly positive impact on the company's corporate functions. Completion Products is now utilizing a digital program under industry process 4.0  which produces extremely efficient results from its employees.


CP's Quality Specialist from the production and supply chain emphasized how the system was able to help him generate accurate reports in just a click of a button. The then tedious work that takes up more time than needed, is now converted to a simpler task that can be done much faster, saving up almost two hours of work time. QMS allows people to accomplish complex tasks without having to sacrifice quality and precision.


The company's shift to the incorporation of digital methods contributes to the overall streamlining of its corporate and operational processes. Because of the firm's success in digitalisation, it has received recognition from the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Low Yen Ling during her speech at the launch of the Marine and Offshore Engineering Industry Digital Plan. Moreover, Completion Products was featured by notable media sources—The Straits Times and The Business Times, in its online publications. The articles squarely highlight how CP was able to create more opportunities and simplify daily duties, giving out an apparent meaning that the transition phase of the firm's digitalisation has been by far, smooth and steady.


With the firm being part of the Oil and Gas Industry, it is being affected by the increasing demand and intense competition that takes place in the sector. Because of this, Completion Products has stepped up its efforts by integrating technological advancements in its day-to-day work routine in order to speed up operations, as well as to save more time, expenses, and effort so everyone involved in the task force can focus on more pressing things, especially those that require urgent attention.


Completion Products manifests an innovative outlook; the company doesn't jump in on trends just to not fall behind but also to provide the best experience to its staff and partner clients. The adoption of digital tools freed up more space for matters that truly require manpower. Automating the key functions is definitely cost-efficient. With the support of the multifaceted digital solutions, employees are no longer obliged to render unnecessary extra hours. This avoids the issue of overworking and rather promotes productivity and efficiency among the members of the team.

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Incorporated in 2003, Completion Products (CP) has an enduring history of design, development, manufacturing, and supplying of high-quality Sand Control Screens and Completion Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry.

As an OEM to a major oilfield service company, our continual goal is to not only conform to our Suppliers Agreement, but also to ensure that our relationship is based on mutual growth. To achieve this, we stand to be transparent when it comes to our clients' requirements, and provide them with the best solutions to not only match but exceed their expectations.

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