METAVERSE EMPIRE (MES) was launched to open the age of empire under Metaverse

October 18, 2021 - 06:20
METAVERSE EMPIRE (MES) was launched to open the age of empire under Metaverse

LONDON, UK - Media OutReach - 18 October 2021 - MES (abbreviation for METAVERSE EMPIRE) is jointly initiated by a group of blockchain geeks and senior game enthusiasts from the UK and Canada. Based on the Binance Smart Chain to build two tokens, MES and MEF, combined with the new gameplay of NFT and Metaverse exchanges. The platform currency MES is used as the value carrier to anchor virtual scene applications, and the ecological currency MEF is used for value circulation. The application of technology subverts the economic model of traditional games and gives games more financial and economic attributes. MEF will be used as the platform governance token of Metaverse Exchange, and unlimited destruction will boost the ecological development of games and exchanges.


Let players not only earn huge profits through games, reach a community consensus system, and establish a medium for value transmission. At the same time, every value transfer is accompanied by a deflation model and a destruction mechanism, thereby forming a stable economic system and value-driven model with the MES ecology.


There are precedents for outstanding cases, the game empire breaks the capital market. The most popular blockchain game and Metaverse project at the moment is undoubtedly Axie. The price of its native token exceeded US$110 last weekend, bringing its market value to US$30 billion. In addition, the game's current transaction volume has exceeded US$29.5 billion. . Axie's achievements as a benchmark are enough to prove the development prospects of blockchain games. However, with the development of new technologies, it is carrying the banner of blockchain to transform the game industry all the way forward. There are more than 100 categories but the scale is still not as large as traditional Internet games. It's a drop in the bucket, and the contest between power and resistance, every bit of trial has become more precious. In this context, MES has opened a new breakthrough point, creating a blockchain high-power application game with epochal and financial attributes.

Ten million bonuses to promote the development of the alliance, MES global node will be launched immediately. From the economic model, MES uses MES and MEF twin tokens, which complement each other. MES facilitates the development of the game ecosystem. MEF is produced during the game. 70% of MES tokens are produced by METAVERSE EMPIRE's NFT smart mining to ensure market liquidity. , The platform will only start mining after reaching 50,000 people. NFT must be synthesized by MEF, so that the value of MES and MEF will rise steadily. There is no pressure on the market to add tokens. When it reaches 50,000 people, there will be enough players to share every day. Consuming the 3000 tokens newly added by digital smart mining to ensure the steady development of MES and MEF, and as a global node, not only enjoys the high incentive policy that allows creation and construction to be endowed with value attributes, but also the node in the game can not only Enjoy the weighted income. At the same time, because of the identity of the participating builder, you can also participate in voting governance in the future ecological development. The entire economic model is structured through a rigorous algorithm to ensure the value of the circulation in the secondary market and return the value to the hands of serious builders.


MES4.0 ecological planning, iterative development of specific forms in the future. From a value-oriented point of view, the highlight of the MES game is that it has low thresholds and high returns, supports multiple languages, has a small publishing volume, high revenue from digital smart mining, significant market power, and has a variety of highly free gameplay. . MES is not only an entertainment tool, but also allows the game scene to carry the virtual reality of identity, wealth, and network, so that all players can make money while playing, and all behavior trajectories will be accompanied by value orientation. From the perspective of the overall ecological layout, MES links not only the integration and interaction of virtual space and the real world, but also through a series of smart contracts with optimized liquidity mining strategies, which can automatically seek the best profit strategy for users, starting from 1.0 farming civilization Gradually leap over to the Stone Age and then to the Age of War, which resulted in an age of civilization and finally formed an age of benign and sustainable empires.


Metaverse has structured the real technology interaction in the virtual area. MES has opened up new opportunities for value delivery, allowing us to seize the entire market opportunity to open our METAVERSE EMPIRE.