Towards Fifty, UAE Celebrates its Golden Jubilee National Day 2021

December 02, 2021 - 08:38

Ambassador of UAE, H. E Obaid Saeed Aldhaheri, writes to Việt Nam News on the Golden Jubilee National Day, which falls on December 2.

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), H. E. Obaid Saeed Aldhaheri, writes to Việt Nam News on the Golden Jubilee National Day, on December 2.

On December 2, 2021, the Emirates celebrates the golden jubilee of the establishment of the Union and the launch of a fifty-year journey of achievements. On this day in 1971, the UAE began its first steps towards progress and development to achieve its pioneering ambition in all fields as an embodiment of the "UAE Vision 2021", which aims to place UAE among the best countries in the world by the fiftieth anniversary of its founding.

Since the dawn of the Union, the UAE has been following the principle of promoting security, peace and sustainable development in various parts of the region and the world, taking this principle as a basic dimension in the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates in accordance with what was established by the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and follows in his footsteps by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the State. Hence, the country has achieved great success at the external level.

A view of Dubai. Photo courtesy of the embassy

Year after year, the UAE is witnessing more achievements that are achieved within a comprehensive development vision that opened the way for the younger generations of citizens to contribute effectively to the realisation of these achievements.

Emirati women demonstrated their ability to assume leadership in political and diplomatic positions and manage the most vital projects in various sectors of the economy and advanced space science within the framework of the UAE’s vision to empower youth and women, achieve gender equality, and actively participate in all aspects of civil and political life.

The UAE is a young, resourceful, and progressive nation that constantly seeks to better itself and the world around it. It is founded on the values of tolerance, equality, inclusion, moderation, resilience, and generosity. The UAE has developed a unique model that empowers women, embraces diversity, encourages innovation, and welcomes global engagement.

Over the past fifty years, the UAE has rapidly moved from a simple economy based on the pearl industry to a modern, diversified economy, world-leading in technology, science and sustainability focusing on innovation and education, and an important hub for trade and logistics thanks to its unique location.

The UAE is wide open to the outside world and has established international strategic partnerships that strengthened its position in the international community. The UAE economy achieved exceptional performance thanks to the state's keenness to adopt a development policy based on diversifying sources of income, supporting non-oil sectors and infrastructure that supports stable and balanced performance despite regional and international challenges.

And while most countries still refer to 2020 as the horrible year, in the UAE it was the ‘Year of Preparations for the Next 50 Years’ with an upbeat approach that explains how a country so young has achieved so much.

In September 2021, the UAE launched a package of strategic projects and initiatives within "Projects of the 50”, which aim to provide the impetus for investment in digital economies, AI-based sectors, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The "Projects of the 50" also aims to enhance the economic competitiveness of the UAE and attract US$150 billion (AED 550 billion) in foreign direct investment in the next nine years across key sectors, including the digital economy, entrepreneurship, advanced skills, space and advanced technologies. Hence, the vision for the next fifty years is to make the UAE the global capital for investment and economic innovation, an integrated incubator for entrepreneurship and emerging projects, and an advanced laboratory for new economic opportunities and to enhance its position to compete with strong economies.

UAE ambassador Obaid Saeed Bintaresh Al Dhareri (right) meets PM Nguyễn Xuân Phúc at the Investment Promotion Conference of Thái Nguyên Province in June 2018.   Photo courtesy of the embassy

The UAE is going to implement its vision in the next 50 years through its support for international institutions, the UAE seeks to reinforce the rule of international law, and to support the implementation of international conventions, protecting the interests of the small, the weak and the powerless. Foreign aid targeting poverty reduction, education and public health is a priority as well.

The UAE is constantly working to enhance the economy’s competitiveness as a leading intellectual powerhouse in science and technology, and to provide new investment opportunities in these areas, as well as space, food security and the medical sector. The UAE seeks to ensure the availability of resources necessary for its continued progress, including natural, human, medical and other resources, and a sustainable model for food and water security

As the UAE celebrates the golden jubilee the international community acknowledges its efforts, which were reflected in the country's winning of non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council for the period 2022-2023, and membership in the Human Rights Council for the period 2022-2024 and winning the hosting of the Conference of the Parties to Climate Change COP 28 in 2023, and the presidency of Interpol (2022-2025).

Furthermore, the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai in early October 2021 as a unique event in the region that includes an unprecedented number of countries and diverse cultures is the culmination of the great efforts of past years and a symbol of the beginning of the next fifty years in the march of UAE achievements.

The UAE affirms that it will move forward in its path to stand by rightful issues and will spare no effort to advance international cooperation in all fields and harness its potential to face current and future challenges, and enhance that vision by continuing to play a positive role to enhance cooperation and resolve differences through dialogue, diplomacy and constructive participation in handling the climate change’s urgent issues, and will continue to support efforts to contribute to every effort that serves the achievement of these goals, as it always stands by any movement or initiative aimed at achieving development, peace and prosperity. VNS