Singer aims to bring positive energy

July 08, 2020 - 09:07

Singer Thái Thùy Linh and her crew are travelling to sing for people as part of her music project entitled Du Ca - Đi Và Hát (Wandering and Singing).  Việt Nam News reporter Nguyễn Bình chats with her about the project. 

Singer Thái Thùy Linh. Photo courtesy of the singer

Singer Thái Thùy Linh and her crew are travelling to sing for people as part of her music project entitled Du Ca - Đi Và Hát (Wandering and Singing). Việt Nam News reporter Nguyễn Bình chats with her about the project. 

Could you tell us about the Du Ca - Đi Và Hát (Wandering and Singing) project?

This is my biggest project which I have nurtured since 2017. The project aims to bring music closer to nature and sing for people who don't have the chance to go to concerts. 

Music and singing are simple and plain. We record directly outdoors to introduce scenic places that we pass. And I also want to share my emotions and my feelings during the trip to people. 

I was inspired by veteran musician Trần Tiến's project many years ago. I could not watch his performance directly and I just know about it by researching documents. 

I have listened and sang his music for years but after I read his autobiography I really admired him and became a fan. 

Singer Thái Thùy Linh. Photo courtesy of the singer

He told his memories and short stories in his autobiography Ngẫu Hứng (Improvision). It helps the audience know more about him who is a great man. His music is truthful and I love it. 

I spend time to learn his music and I see many things behind the beautiful lyrics and melodies. It shows his love for the country and his compatriots and his sympathy for underprivileged people. 

I not only admire him but I see common points in thinking and personal viewpoints towards life. 

I want to follow his path. In my project, I sing his songs in any places with a guitar only. It is the best way to portray him. 

I sing his songs in poor villages for people who are characters in the songs. They are mothers, spinsters, war invalids or little wanderers. 

How did you start the project?

I nurtured the project for three years and I talked with him. He supported me a lot and gave me his song drafts which are the most accurate. He also shared with me his feelings and emotions when he wrote the songs. 

His sharing and guidance are meaningful to me. Now I understand profoundly his songs and I sing them much better. 

In the beginning, I planned to sing all Trần Tiến's songs but I saw many of them are a little sad. Obviously, they are not entirely desperate or sorrowful. 

I'm energetic and I want to spread this energy to people so I think his songs are not enough. I decided to sing songs by other musicians such as Trịnh Công Sơn, Nguyễn Cường and Đức Huy. These musicians have similar things in lifestyle and the knight-errant nature in Trần Tiến's music. 

Could you tell us some details about the project?

From June to December there is one episode with four parts per month. It is launched free every Saturday on my official YouTube

Four parts will be produced with themes 'Travelling and Cuisine', 'Travelling and Enjoying', 'Travelling and Singing' and 'Travelling and Love'. 

I decided to record outdoors because I want to have truthful feelings and natural sounds in the songs. It is really a big challenge. 

In the first episode, I was impressed by Mu Stream in the northern province of Hòa Bình. We stood in the stream to perform and didn't know there would be so many small insects there. After performing, my legs were seriously swollen because of the insect bites. 

The technician found something wrong with the plug when he tested the sound. It was wet because it sank in the stream. I sometimes got an electric shock when I put the microphone too close to my lips.

When singing I forgot I was standing in the stream and I swayed. I missed my footing and my teeth struck the microphone. So I had to sing again. 

Thái Thùy Linh in Mu Stream in the northern province of Hòa Bình. Photo courtesy of the singer

What do you expect to gain from the project?

It is an important project for me. At present, I'm mature and I have big changes in my music thinking and point of view. 

The project won't make a profit. I'm paying for the project with my own money. However, I welcome all sponsors. 

I used to have a desire to go and sing at beautiful places of Việt Nam. After COVID-19, my dream became bigger and bigger. I want to bring positive energy to help people become optimistic, love each other more and love the country. 

You are known for the community project Mang Âm Nhạc Đến Bệnh Viện (Bringing Music To Hospitals). How's the project going?

It is the longest project Tim Hồng group and I have made over the years. It has run for eight consecutive years at most big hospitals in the nation including islands and remote areas. 

Regrettably, the project has been paused since December last year because we don't have more financial sponsorship. 

One more reason is also from me. After years working painstakingly for this project I thought it was time for me to do something for my art career. 

I cannot do many things at the same time. But surely, I will continue to bring music to hospitals if I have the chance. 

It is exactly that during the past years, the audience remembers me because of my activity for the community. 

In the future, I want to have music projects for myself but that are still meaningful to the community. The project Wandering and Singing is the first. VNS