Exhibition featuring young artists opens in Hà Nội

June 10, 2020 - 09:50

The Mời Bạn Vào (Please Come In) exhibition features 30 works by 23 artists, with paintings, sculptures and installations covering various topics.


The Mời Bạn Vào (Please Come In) exhibition features 30 works by 23 young Vietnamese artists. — VNS Photo Trương Vị

HÀ NỘI   An exhibition showcasing new and creative perspectives from the young Vietnamese artists' club of the Việt Nam Fine Arts Association is being held in the Art Exhibition House in the city's Ngô Quyền Street.

The Mời Bạn Vào (Please Come In) exhibition features 30 works by 23 artists, with paintings, sculptures and installations covering various topics.

Each work is composed of many materials from oil, acrylic, silk and  (poonah) paper and in various styles like realism, surrealism, pop art, expression and abstract.

One of the paintings on displayed at Mời Bạn Vào (Please Come In) exhibition. — VNS Photo Trương Vị

Notably, the works displayed are unnamed but are numbered.

According to the president of the young artists' club, painter Đỗ Hiệp, it aims to prevent viewers from being biased by the name of the painting or the authors’ name.

“Sometimes the name will make the work identified. Therefore, we expect viewers to freely contemplate the works and have their own feelings and name the works themselves,” Hiệp said.

This year, the club has decided to separate and hold two consecutive exhibitions, lasting from June 5 to July 4.

The first exhibition aims to find new faces, including fresh graduates, freelance artists and students.

The organisation board has selected the 23 most outstanding artists among 50 registrants.

The works displayed are unnamed but are numbered. — VNS Photo Trương Vị

“Generally, the technical elements of the artists have gradually improved. The ideas, despite still being limited, have laid foundations. Many young artists, who are still students, have revealed their own personality. Many of them have done works entirely basing on their instinct like Kim Ngân or Đoàn Thường while others are more inclined to technology like Hà My or Thanh Thủy.

“The diversity and freshness, together with the opportunity to exchange and share the passion for art in a joint exhibition, is a way to form a young community and a new generation of artists,” Hiệp added.

Among 23 participating artists, Kin Ngân is the youngest and is a first-year student at the Arena Multimedia Arts School.

Before that, she studied Japanese at Hà Nội University, but her love for painting encouraged the 20-year-old girl to quit university to pursue art.

Ngân brought her water colour paintings to Please Come In, the first exhibition she has participated in.

“I love to paint but my parents don’t support it. Therefore, I know that I have to try harder to show that I’m really serious with my passion. This exhibition is truly a gift for me, giving me the opportunity to interact, connect with other artists and make me confident to follow the path I have chosen,” she said.

There are also two works on display themed around COVID-19 by Hưng Giang, a student of the Việt Nam Fine Arts University.

Though he has painted a lot, it is also the first time he has joined an exhibition.

As a person keen on travelling who doesn't like being at home, social distancing was a strange time for Giang.

“I had never had to stay at home as much like that, but such time offered me with new experiences and made me realise that there are times when it is necessary to calm down to feel life. I have put all such experiences and emotions into my paintings portraying this COVID era,” Giang said.

After the exhibition, the club plans to connect the artists in more creative spaces.

“Youngsters nowadays have many new and abundant skills to grasp technology but lack experience and hesitate to interact.

“The club hopes to create more playground and more opportunities for the youth to experience and be exposed more to art,” Hiệp said.

The exhibition will run until June 19. VNS