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Actress challenges herself with troubled roles

Update: September, 12/2018 - 07:00
Actress Lan Phương winning the prize at the VTV Awards 2018. — Photo courtesy of VTV
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Actress Lan Phương, 35, won the Impressive Actress title at the VTV Awards 2018 for her role in Cả Một Đời Ân Óan (Life of Love and Feud). The drama also won the title of Impressive TV Series. The VTV Awards are held annually to honour remarkable programmes and figures who appeared on Việt Nam Television channels during the year. Phương talks to Minh Thu about her feeling after the award ceremony.

How did you feel when you won the award?

I felt happy because it’s the first time I was nominated for the Impressive Actress prize. I want to thank the Việt Nam Feature Film Centre (which produced the drama) and all of the film crew who supported me and gave me the chance to win the prize. Especially, I want to thank my daughter Lina Linh Duffy because I was pregnant during filming.

I was surprised because I didn’t think the prize would be awarded to the portrayal of a anti-hero like Diệu in the series.

What did you think of Hồng Diễm, Nhã Phương and other actresses competing with you in this category?

There were five finalists nominated for the Impressive Actress award, meaning all of us received votes from the audience. I don’t consider them competitors. Everyone is worthy for this award, so am I. That’s the audience’s acknowledgement after our efforts.

Your role in the TV series Life of Love and Feud was praised. What was your motivation for this part?

Firstly, I think it’s because of the good script. Though Diệu is an anti-hero, sometimes she is more sinned against than sinning. Diệu is complicated. She had a difficult childhood. She also lacks love and sympathy that leads to bad things she does later.

Another motivation is my baby. Though I was tired and faced more difficulties than other actors, I had motivation and responsibility to fulfill my task as best as I could.

Though you were pregnant, you still took part in this film project. Is this a sacrifice for art?

I didn’t sacrifice anything for the film. It’s just the responsibility of an actress. I can’t have an adverse impact on the film crew due to my personal problems. I was pregnant during the last two months of shootings. I told myself to try my best to complete my part.

When I agreed to take part in Life of Love and Feud, I refused an invitation to participate in a film by an Iranian director which was being shot in India. That was also a good chance for me.

But I don’t feel regret because during the time making Life of Love and Feud, I learned a lot from the film crew. And it’s a really a good film that brings both experience and honour to me.

It seems like you are good at playing anti-heroes. Is this true?

It sounds strange but I like characters who are troubled. I want to discover their problems and ‘dark corners’ in their souls. It’s like a challenge to conquer. It’s difficult but interesting.

When Life of Love and Feud was aired, many viewers contacted me and expressed their sympathy with Diệu. That’s the biggest success for me.

To play Diệu when she becomes crazy, I visited a psychiatric hospital to observe patients. I learned a lot from their tragedies.

Could you tell us about your life now?

My life changed totally when my daughter was born. Lucky for me, my husband David Duffy helps me looking after the baby, cooking and washing. We have many similarities so it’s easy to solve conflicts. Now we live in Hà Nội. — VNS

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