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Catch the sunrise in Nghệ An beaches

Update: May, 25/2018 - 09:00
Blue skies: Local people were strolling along the beach before sunrise.
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Hồng Vân

The central province of Nghệ An boasts some of best beaches of Việt Nam and these are definitely the must-go places when armed with a camera to capture the perfect sunrises and sunsets.

From Hà Nội, one can either take a plane, train or bus to the province. Flights take one hour, train or bus almost six.

Not quite relishing the boring check-ins and long airport queues, I decided to take the train. My decision made easier by the fact I was travelling with family and small children.

So instead of the quick but probably stressful flight option, I decided to let the train take the strain.

And my decision was proved correct. Each bed carriage had suitable lighting, USB chargers and excellent service, but the real plus point of this journey was the view from my window.

Picture postcard scenery along the route meant our vacation got off to the perfect start.

Beach time: Sunrise in Cửa Lò beach. The central province of Nghệ An boasts some of best beaches of Việt Nam and these are definitely the must-go places to get a really good sunrise and sunset shot.

After pulling into Vinh City, it was just a short, 20 minute taxi-ride to our final destination of Cửa Hội. Our arrival time of around 1.30pm couldn’t have been timed any better – lunch time.

And with a plethora of choices available, we were not disappointed. Local restaurants offer a wide range of the day’s catch. Whatever your seafood fancy, chances are it’s there for your delight.

Crab, shrimp, squid, oyster and clam, just to name a few – all expertly prepared by local chefs either steamed, fried or grilled.

Morning catch: A man pulling the fishing net in the early morning in Cửa Lò beach.

And as a keen photographer I knew I was in the best place for the ideal sunrise and sunset shots. I opted for Cửa Lò and Cửa Hội beach, which are about 4km away from each other in my quest for the perfect picture.

Cửa Lò is about 16km in the northeast of Vinh City. Stretching more than 10km in length along with crystal clear water, Cửa Lò is a perfect choice for the sunrise.

I left the hotel in Cửa Hội, taking a xe ôm to get there at about 4.30am. It seems a bit early for the sun to come out yet the area is already coming to life with locals jogging and swimming.

Other residents were on the shore waiting to greet fathers, husbands and sons who had spent many nights on the ocean fishing.

Life’s a beach: Cửa Hội beach is tranquil and serene with almost no tourists in the area.

Camera in hand I was ready to capture the sunrise. But for me the perfect moment couldn’t be documented on film or Facebook, instead it was simply relaxing on the beach, watching the world wake up and hearing the waves caressing the perfect shoreline.

At around 5am, the sun started to crack out of the clouds.

All I could do was marvel through my viewfinder at the mesmerising display of first light illuminating the sky.

Far out to sea, fishing boats and ships were floating on the horizon. I say horizon, but from my vantage point this was more an endless line of shining silver.

As the sun crept high to illuminate the day, the boats started to dock with crews anxious to return home after many nights at sea.

The noise from the decks of chatter and laughter just added to the perfect harmony my morning was bringing.

Family fun: Kids are playing in the Cửa Lò beach in the mid day.

Cửa Lò was just about perfect. But honestly, visitors to this region are spoiled for choice when it comes to beach options.  

Cửa Hiền, which is about 25 km from Cửa Lò, is another good choice for its unique beachscape which feature rocks of different sizes and shapes scattered all around the area.

Cửa Hội where we stayed is also a hidden gem for sunrise and sunset. Unlike the other ones, Cửa Hội is more tranquil and serene. While we stroll along the beach at twilight, there is hardly anyone there.

This summer, come to Nghệ An and catch these wonderful moments that really do make life worthwhile. But sunsets aside, in my case apart from being the perfect setting I was also in perfect company, my family. — VNS


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