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Cultural centre shows contemporary arts

Update: March, 08/2017 - 08:00
Hit me with those lazer beams: A work by Ưu Đàm Trần Nguyễn. Photos courtesy of the organising board
Viet Nam News

HÀ NỘI — Contemporary artists from South Korea and Việt Nam are presenting their work in different materials at an exhibition in Hà Nội. 

The exhibition entitled Undefined Boundary is being held at the Korean Cultural Centre and Heritage Space. The artists are Seulki Ki, Heaven Baek, Woosung Lee, Woosung Lee, Ưu Đàm Trần Nguyễn, Phi Phi Oanh, Bùi Công Khánh and Lại Diệu Hà. 

The art works take various forms such as painting, photography, installation and video centred on the theme of ‘boundary’. 

"The Korean artists introduce the current state of Korea from their own perspective, invoking the hidden ‘boundaries’ from the corners of Korean society," said Hye Young Kim, one of the curators of the exhibition

Ki dismantles the audience’s visual and perceptual memories and experiences by framing familiar places in two dimensional planes of photography, while Baek portrays the invisible boundaries that stand among the social classes and groups. 

Lee demonstrates expresses people with vivacious colours yet in a serious manner and exhibits his productions in public places. Jo addresses the issue of urban redevelopment by paying attention to the naratives of individuals situated in insecure circumstances in a society where community comes first. 

"Through their own art, the artists have pointed out and evoked possibilities of connection, cognition, understanding and discovery of things unseen or un-thought," said Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, another exhibition curator. 

Using a distinctly designed technology system, License 2 Draw Laser Target Shooting by Ưu Đàm Trần Nguyễn offers viewers the ability to co-create and interact with art in the present, ignoring time and spatial boundaries.

Oanh’s work is a sculptural light installation consisting of a projection of miniature ‘lacquer skins’ onto a translucent silk screen, whereas Hà goes beyond traditional plastic art limits by using organic materials, shifting from being a consumer good to art. 

Khánh reproduces his work entitled White Maze with ceramics. White Maze is a replication of a city in war zones from a bird’s eye view, the artist poses questions about the undefined or unstable state of human shelters. 

The exhibition is an initiative under the programme NEXT Expert Training’ of Korea Arts Management Service and is co-hosted by cultural centre in Việt Nam and Korea Arts Management Service. 

Roundtables will be held on March 16 and 17 with professionals of visual arts from South Korea and Việt Nam to discuss each country’s art scenes. The exhibition runs until March 31 at 49 Nguyễn Du Street and Dolphin Plaza, 28 Trần Bình Street, Hà Nội. — VNS

Alternative: A work by Woosung Lee
Chop it up: A work by Woosung Lee

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