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Taking smartphone photos is a snap, says Japanese who opened DIY class in VN

Update: December, 22/2016 - 09:00
Unique: Jewelry from UV resin. — Photo courtesy of Kawaii DIY lab & shop
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by Lương Thu Hương

Making handmade goods like unique jewelry from UV resin is popular in Japan. Vietnamese can now share the experience by attending a do-it-yourself workshop in HCM City.

Established in April by Japanese Yuko Nishimura, Kawaii DIY lab & shop has become a favourite destination for many, especially women, seeking to get inspired and create their own stylish UV resin jewelries.

“UV resin jewelry can be made at home if one has enough material and access to the internet,” said Thạch Thảo, a workshop participant.

“However, I still enjoy attending Nishimura’s workshop. Besides having all the necessary equipment, she has inspired my creativity. I think attending the workshop is better than learning this hobby from the internet. Moreover, I have a chance to meet and make friends with people having the same interest,” she added.

Making jewelry from UV resin is also Nishimura’s favourite hobby, which she taught herself by using the internet and books.

Yuko visited Việt Nam for the first time four years ago, and the affection for the country and the hospitability of the local people led her to set up her own business here.

“The Vietnamese are very studious. What takes me by surprise is that despite the lack of materials for DIY classes in Việt Nam, many people still know how to make things. They have studied and gained much knowledge via the internet. I knew that my workshop, which offers material and equipments, would attract many participants,” Nishimura said.

She brings all the necessary materials, including UV resin, LED lamp, stickers and frames from Japan.

“It’s not difficult to make one piece of UV resin jewelry, but patience is needed. First, the resin is poured into the frame, and then decorative items like dried flowers or stickers are added. After that, the maker adjusts the layout as he/she wishes before using the LED lamp to harden the resin in about 30 seconds. The whole process is repeated until the frame has been filled up with five or six layers of resin, on average,” she explained.

At first, the participants might have a lot of questions, like which colours to use or how to arrange the pattern, but each final product is unique.

“No piece looks alike. Each one is different in its pattern or space among patterns. It is very hard to make two similar pieces,” Nishimurasaid.

In addition to creating unique jewelry, one can also make cute objects for decorations like flowers from UV resin.

Currently, Nishimura is working as a photographer for brand names in Japan. Besides the jewellery workshop, she is also organising photography classes in which she shares her experience and tips on taking photos with iPhones.

“Everyone can easily own a smart phone nowadays to capture moments we accidentally encounter in life; however, few people are aware of the proper shooting angle or lighting. That’s how I came up with the idea for the class,” she said.

“A good camera is not as important as the direction of the light. Understanding this, we can also take beautiful pictures with an iPhone.”

After attending the class, many realise that taking photos with a smart phone is not just a matter of clicking.

“If the photographer stands at a wrong angle, the 1.65m person in the photo can look 1.45m,” said Thanh Thúy, a student in the class. “The class also gives us tips on posing in front of the camera to look more photogenic.”

Kawaii DIY lab & shop is also offering other popular Japanese hobbies, including making photo albums, felt dolls and basic nail-tending.

“I’m planning to expand my workshop by adding more classes and instructors to create more chances for Vietnamese to experience Japanese culture and services. I hope that will help to bring the two countries closer together,” Nishimura said. — VNS


Not so simple: Students at Kawaii DIY lab & shop practice taking photos with their smartphones. — Photo courtesy of Kawaii DIY lab & shop
Attracted by VN: Yuko Nishimura, the establisher of Kawaii DIY lab & shop which offers a variety of DIY classes in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Kawaii DIY lab & shop


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