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October, 20/2016 - 15:23

The Rooftop's  return will be marked with a marvelous music show on October 22nd 2016.


The Rooftop has always been one of the most appealing places for those who love to spend time chillaxing and enjoying luxurious meals. After a period of maintenance and renovation works, the fabulousness of the bar is coming back on a whole new level. This return will be marked with a marvelous music show on October 22nd 2016. With the appearance of the main singer Hồ Ngọc Hà, as well as Janice Phuong, DJ Huy DX and Anh Em Band, the event could be expected as one of the best shows ever organized by The Rooftop.

Any renovation always comes first with a new dress. Owning a fusion of elegant style, an amazing city skyline and Vietnamese hospitality, The Rooftop has always captured the hearts and imagination of Hà Nội’s pleasure seekers. However, that classiness of The Rooftop this time will be highlighted with a bit of a “retro” approach. As the nightlife industry keeps invading Hanoi in with all new modern things, a unique elegance - disguised as an old wine cellar of an ancient western castle - will become an alluring haven for people who like both exclusive experience and a trendy lifestyle.

Putting on a new dress only will not make The Rooftop a new desirable destination. The staff’s image – from the uniform to the serving attitude – all will be fit to the overall retro concept of the bar. Thus, customers will get a whole new experience spending time here, which can’t be found anywhere else in Hanoi.

Not only being a destination of entertainment, The Rooftop is also a fine dining place for any kind of elegant lunch and dinner. Meals in The Rooftop are filled with attractive Western and Eastern cuisine, formed by the hands of veteran chefs. Besides popular dishes, Rooftop Signature Menu will bring customers new impressive taste of salmon, the driving uniqueness of lobster, or different popular dishes from high-quality beef.

There is another specialty making the whole place a satisfaction to any kinds of guests, with different requirements. The whole space can be divided into different areas such as the open-air area, the bar, the main standing area, and especially the lounge area, they all will create a warm and friendly impression to any guest standing there. Thus, The Rooftop has marked itself as a fancy bar, a space for high-quality feasts, and an ideal place to hold any kinds of events.

Unlike other entertaining places in Hà Nội, The Rooftop Hanoi brings a unique experience where people can enjoy the night without having to stay hustled at all time. Ladies and gentlemen coming here feel comfortable not only because of the bar itself but also because of other customers, as they seem to be looking for the same things and sharing the same view.- The Rooftop