VIB stands side by side with the new music show

June 18, 2024 - 17:45
The reality show brings together 30 young, multi-talented male artists, who are loved and supported by millions, who want to fulfill their dream of international stardom.
The reality show brings together 30 young, multi-talented male artists. — Photo courtesy of VIB

HÀ NỘI — Following the success of billion-view TV shows, Vietnam International Bank (VIB) continues to support the Anh Trai 'Say Hi' music show as its main sponsor.

The reality show brings together 30 young, multi-talented male artists who are loved and supported by millions, who want to realise their dream of becoming global stars.

One of the most anticipated TV shows of the year

Anh Trai 'Say Hi' is a reality TV show about music, in which artists show off their talents in singing, dancing and composing. They compete to win the right to be part of a new boy band.

More than 50 newly composed songs which are musically arranged by talented music producers, promise to bring unique and impressive musical experiences to domestic and foreign audiences.

The show attracts the participation of beloved male singers such as HIEUTHUHAI, Isaac, Song Luân, Quân AP, Đức Phúc, Erik, Ali Hoàng Dương, Lou Hoàng, Anh Tú, Nicky in addition to Quang Hùng MasterD, Jsol, Đỗ Phú Quí, Công Dương, Negav, Rhyder, Captain, Tage and Pháp Kiều.

An inspirational journey of the young artists

Appearing on Anh Trai 'Say Hi' as the main sponsor, VIB continues to promote a creative, youthful and friendly image through a modern financial services and via its product ecosystem.

The combination of VIB - known as a leader in bank cards - and Vie Channel under DatVietVAC - hits a sweet spot that both are aiming for.

As the first reality music show created and hosted by and for Vietnamese people, Anh Trai ‘Say Hi’ is expected to be hugely popular, due to its diversity of talented singers and rappers who are pioneers in style, consistent with the spirit of the Việt Nam's younger generation.

Each young artist has boundless energy to reach out, bringing local culture and music to the world and they will do what it takes to achieve their dreams.

The music show is expected to be hugely popular, with talented singers and rappers who are pioneers in style, consistent with the spirit of Việt Nam's younger generation. — Photo courtesy of VIB

At the same time, VIB and Vie Channel have always focused on creating unique and impressive shows. The systematic investment in content, images, sound and technology is the foundation to help Anh Trai 'Say Hi' achieve its goal of conquering the love of the audience.

A VIB representative said: "The cooperation between the bank and Vie Channel proves their commitment to bringing the best artistic experiences to the audience community and bringing Vietnamese culture to the world.”

The first episode was broadcast at 8pm on Saturday (June 15) on HTV6 - Vie Channel, ON Vie Entertainment, super app VieON and the YouTube Vie Channel.

Connecting TV audiences with financial products

After several impressive shows such as The Masked Singer Vietnam and Let's Feast Vietnam, VIB wants to stand with Anh Trai 'Say Hi' to bring its brand to TV audiences, reaching existing and potential customers.

According to VIB representatives, the bank has constantly been expanding its coverage and connection with customers with the desire to introduce quality products and services, bringing high efficiency to customers' financial management.

With the new music show, the bank hopes to continue to affirm its position as a leader in the bank card trends, with high-end card lines such as Super Card, Ivy Card, and Travel Élite. Each product has a unique value and is suitable for each user segment.

Among these cards, the VIB Super Card can be a good choice for younger customers who want to own a card with a personal touch. This card allows users to choose the refund feature or reward points, card number, statement date and a minimum payment amount.

Each card line of VIB has a unique value and is suitable for each user segment. — Photo courtesy of VIB

As for the Travel Élite card line, customers can enjoy unforgettable cashless spending experiences when travelling. For example, they can use business lounge services for free at more than 1,000 airports worldwide. They can also enjoy foreign transaction fees at the lowest level in the market, besides attractive point accumulation and refund incentives.

For other customers who are students and young people of the GenZ generation, the VIB Ivy Card will be a reasonable choice as it provides them with double incentives including 0.5 per cent cashback on transactions and 0.5 per cent additional cashback when they pay off credit card debt. That will help cardholders build healthy spending habits and manage personal finances effectively.

With a card collection that meets customers' needs, VIB strives for an effective spending journey, suitable for a modern and civilised lifestyle, so that each Vietnamese can be satisfied with their card choice.

At the same time, the bank is a pioneer in the trend of saving while spending, helping customers manage their finances effectively.

Together with Anh Trai 'Say Hi', VieON and the Vie Channel, VIB aims to promote its card brand, which already leads the market in the product ecosystem, spending experiences and technology. — VNS