Bayer ForwardFarm creates collaborative platform to enhance agriculture value

September 09, 2023 - 07:56
Leveraging the global ForwardFarming network, Bayer has created a platform for various stakeholders across the agricultural value chain to advance best farming practices in Việt Nam.


Leveraging the global ForwardFarming network, Bayer has created a platform for various stakeholders across the agricultural value chain to advance best farming practices in Việt Nam.

CẦN THƠ — Leveraging the global ForwardFarming network, Bayer has created a platform for various stakeholders across the agricultural value chain to advance best farming practices in Việt Nam.

Việt Nam is pursuing an ambitious plan to become a global agricultural powerhouse by 2030. Therefore, the public-private partnership (PPP) model is essential for Việt Nam to achieve sustainable development of its agricultural sector.

As a leading global agriculture company, Bayer has announced the launch of the ForwardFarming initiative under the PPP model to support sustainable agriculture in Việt Nam.

On September 6 Bayer Vietnam, in partnership with the National Agricultural Extension Center (NAEC) belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), inaugurated the first ForwardFarm in Southeast Asia in Thới Lai District, Cần Thơ City.

The PPP programme also involves rice value chain partners Kim Hồng Machine Enterprise Co Ltd and Bình Điền Fertiliser JSC.

The establishment of ForwardFarm Cần Thơ is the result of a memorandum of understanding between Bayer and the NAEC in August 2022 that agreed to collaborate and transform rice cultivation in Việt Nam by improving productivity and quality for exports and promote sustainable agricultural, including climate mitigation.

The three-year programme enables independent farmers to benefit from partnerships with both the public and private sectors to increase yields and make more efficient use of resources, while safeguarding the environment.

While the NAEC represents the public sector, Bayer, Kim Hồng Machine Enterprise, and Bình Điền Fertiliser are the private partners.

In the first year the programme will pilot a smart low-emission rice cultivation model in Thới Lai District.

Bayer Vietnam and NAEC have organised train-the-trainer and train-the-farmer sessions for 2,000 farmers and 50 agriculture extension officers in sustainable farming practices and the correct and safe use of crop protection products.

Bayer has a network of 26 ForwardFarms in 13 countries around the globe, and Vietnam is the 14th country and the first in Southeast Asia.

The company has begun this initiative in Việt Nam to serve the smallholder farmers under the agreement with the Government and through the partnership with key industry stakeholders in the value chain.

The programme is implemented in the Mekong Delta, where rice has been cultivated for centuries as an essential staple food for the people of Việt Nam and others around the world.

However, the Mekong Delta is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate change. It already faces many challenges, such as salinity intrusion, irregular rains and floods.

ForwardFarm Cần Thơ will bring together farmers, technology partners, scientists, academics, value chain partners, and consumers to exchange agricultural know-how and form partnerships to promote modern and climate-smart sustainable agriculture through first-hand experience.

Nguyễn Viết Khoa, head of the NAEC’s tranining & development divison, said: "As a global initiative, Bayer ForwardFarm is expected to complement MARD’s vision to sustainably develop one million hectares of high-quality rice for export and promote green growth in the Mekong Delta rice cultivation area.

“ForwardFarm not only assists farmers in applying sustainable farming methods to ensure a more prosperous life, but also enhances the capacity of cooperatives to produce sustainable rice in the Mekong Delta."

Tomas Zaborowski, Bayer’s global head of sustainability excellence said: "Today’s agriculture is faced with numerous challenges: the increasing demand for food because of the continuously growing world population, the decline in available arable land, limited natural resources and climate change.

“At Bayer we are convinced that the answer lies in an integrated concept for sustainable agriculture that considers several economic, ecological and societal criteria.

“Bayer ForwardFarming is a knowledge platform for sustainable agricultural practices designed to further stimulate the dialogue within the industry and beyond.”

"With the launch of the ForwardFarming initiative, we hope to share a common goal with the government and other value chain actors to build a sustainable future for Việt Nam's agricultural sector.

“Bayer ForwardFarming serves as a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing to bring holistic solutions to farmers.

“Therefore, farmers can use less input materials while still enhancing the productivity and quality of and income from their rice crops."

ForwardFarming will support sustainability in agriculture across three areas: care for crops with tailored solutions for farmers via the Much More Rice integrated programme, care for the planet and people with proactive stewardship to protect health, safety and environment, and care for partnerships with value chain partners to bring holistic solutions to farmers.

“Special emphasis is placed on regenerative farming practices, for example, direct seeded rice." – VNS