THP Group appointed new general director after founder arrested

April 12, 2023 - 14:42
The new general director will take over the role of General Director and legal representative of THP Group starting from April 11.
David Riddle, new general director of THP Group. Photo

HÀ NỘI — Beverages giant Tân Hiệp Phát Beverage Group (THP Group) announced that David Riddle will be the company's general director from April 11 after the founder Trần Quí Thanh and vice general director Trần Phương Uyên were arrested.

Riddle, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, will take over the role of General Director and legal representative of THP Group. Working for the Việt Nam's largest private beverage company for over 13 years, the English leader has played a pivotal role in its daily business activities.

Trần Quí Thanh, the chairman of THP Group, and his daughter, Trần Uyên Phương, were arrested in the southern province of Bình Dương on Monday.

The pair are accused of "abusing trust to misappropriate assets" crimes under the Penal Code, including fraudulent misappropriation of assets, abusing trust to misappropriate assets, and tax evasion.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, THP Group said they will strive to minimise the adverse effects of the incident on the operations of the company and related partners. The release went on to say the violations of the leaders are not related to the operation of THP Group. THP Group puts trust in legal authorities in the process of handling matters.

THP Group also promises to continue to fulfill its commitments to customers and domestic and foreign partners.

Currently, THP Group has thousands of workers, extensive networks of partners in the supply chain with distributors, and farmers across the country. The company not only serves the domestic market but also exports to more than 16 countries. In the past three years, despite being affected by COVID-19, the business still paid more than VNĐ3 trillion in tax. — VNS