Vinamilk imports more than 2,100 dairy cows from US

March 31, 2021 - 14:47
Vinamilk, the largest dairy producer of Viet Nam, has recently imported more than 2,100 high-yielding dairy cows from the US, joining its herd at Vinamilk Quang Ngai Farm in the central province of the same name.

Vinamilk Quang Ngai dairy farm is large-scale with modern technology and has been using a solar power system since the beginning of 2021

Vinamilk, the largest dairy producer of Viet Nam, has recently imported more than 2,100 high-yielding dairy cows from the US, joining its herd at Vinamilk Quang Ngai Farm in the central province of the same name.

Quang Ngai Farm was newly-built over 100 ha, with investment capital of VND700 billion and a scale of 4,000 cows, which are expected to produce 20 million litres of milk per year.

Importing a large number of dairy herds

These newly-imported cows are all purebred dairy cows from Holstein Friesian (HF) registered with the HF American Dairy Association and have complete pedigree information for up to three generations. The herd also has a validated lifetime profitability index (Net Merit) and production performance index (GTPI) certificate issued by designated US laboratories.

According to Vinamilk's partner in the US, this is a healthy breed with the ability to adapt well to the climatic conditions in Viet Nam. After getting used to the "new house" and having stable health, it is possible to have an average milk yield of over 11,000 litres per head per year. Milk contains many nutrients with high protein and fat content.

The herd, including nearly 700 heifers of various ages and more than 1,400 pregnant cows, is expected to contribute to increasing the farm’s number of cows in the near future. As planned this year, Vinamilk will continue to import additional 3,000 high-yielding dairy cows for its farms in Moc Chau district in the northern province of Hoa Binh and Laos.

Dairy cows are walking in the playground area covered with straw at Vinamilk Quang Ngai Farm.

Solutions to ensure safety for dairy cows

To help the newly-imported cows adapt to the new living environment, Vinamilk has conducted a lot of solutions ensuring requirements for disease prevention at the farm such as: isolated breeding facilities must comply with technical regulations on national veterinary sanitary conditions in quarantine areas; all vehicles transporting cows must be gathered separately and sprayed and disinfected both before and after the cows are loaded. Upon arrival at the farm, the cows are once again checked before entering the quarantined barn. Each individual cow will be sampled for testing according to regulations and vaccinated for diseases according to the regulations of the specialised veterinary agency.

These cows, before joining the existing herd, will have a private residence within 30-45 days and are cared for by a team of experts and farm staff. Employees and workers on the farm will also have to comply with the isolation regulations here. They will be continuously checked and disinfected, and not be allowed to enter other farm areas.

The barn for the cows is equipped with an automatic cooling system, a mattress and a massage broom to help cows feel comfortable and not stressed, meanwhile food is specially prepared to help supplement essential nutrients for them to recover after a long journey.

At Vinamilk's modern farm, each individual cow will also be monitored 24/7 via electronic chip. With modern technology equipment and software, experts can monitor the operating status and health of cows from a distance through software and mobile applications without having to be present at the farm. As a result, the US partner could not directly work on the farm due to the COVID-19 pandemic but could still coordinate with Vinamilk to give the best care solutions for the cows.

Acting Director of Vinamilk Quang Ngai Dairy Farm Thai Duy Nhat said the import of Vinamilk cows took place successfully, quickly and safely in the condition that all regulations on prevention of COVID-19 have been met. Although the import of cows was more difficult due to the pandemic, with the experience of Vinamilk's experts as well as the good coordination of the US partners, the dairy herd has basically adapted to their new home safely and healthily after a long journey.

Sustainable development

Vinamilk currently owns 12 international-standard farms across the country and one dairy farm complex in Laos, making the firm’s total dairy herd approximately 150,000 heads, supplying over one million litres of raw fresh milk per day. With on-going projects, it is expected that by 2022-23, the herd of cows at Vinamilk's farms will increase by 20,000 heads, increasing the supply of raw fresh milk to meet production needs.

In parallel to expanding the scale of dairy herds and increasing production, sustainable development is a clear orientation of Vinamilk for the dairy farm system. Factors such as environment, energy and natural resources are priorities. The increase in the use of green and renewable energy sources, the application of circular economic models to optimise operational efficiency while reducing negative impacts on the environment.

The new models, which aim to push up the firm’s strategy on sustainable development, include the application of Biogas technology turning waste into a resource, a cycle of regeneration according to Japanese technology, organic farming and water cycle. In terms of energy, Vinamilk has been deploying the use of solar energy in all 12 dairy farms across the country that are expected to be completed this year. These are specific and practical action programmes that are currently being carried out by Vinamilk to promote according to the general strategy of sustainable development.