Vinamilk exports fresh milk with bird’s net to Singapore

March 21, 2021 - 15:07
Vinamilk, the largest dairy producer of Vietnam, has recently exported the first batch of high-end products “Pasteurised fresh milk containing oats” to Singapore.

Vinamilk, the largest dairy producer of Vietnam, has recently exported the first batch of high-end products “Pasteurised fresh milk containing oats” to Singapore.

Products in this high-end segment, which was officially launched in Vietnam in 2020, have received positive feedback from the domestic market.

Breakthrough products in the Singaporean market

According to the assessment of the Vinamilk’s product distribution partner in Singapore, the potential of oat milk is huge because there is currently no similar product in the Singaporean market, in addition to the very special taste of fresh milk combined with swallow nest, marking a great advantage in competition with other products in Singapore.

Products of fresh milk containing bird’s nest have been shipped to Singapore since early this month.

Ivan Tan, a representative of Vinamilk’s partner in Singapore, said people in Singapore Lion Island have a high living standard so they are willing to pay for quality products, especially when the global pandemic has not been controlled.

“Singaporeans are moving toward healthier lifestyles with the trend of using imported products when they are more restricted from travelling than before,” Tan said.

He said Singaporean customers have high demand, but he is quite confident that we will successfully introduce this new milk product of Vinamilk to them. “The product has a luxurious packaging so it is very suitable for gifts.”

The product has a luxurious packaging so it is very suitable for gifts.

The Vinamilk’s pasteurised fresh milk containing oats is supplemented with essential vitamins such as Vitamin K2 helping bones absorb calcium better and maintain a strong bone system for babies during their growth age and adults, Vitamin A, D3 and Selenium building people’s resistance, especially during seasonal transition or disease.

Conquering demanding market with high-end segment

Vinamilk in 2019 successfully exported Organic fresh milk products to Singapore, a market that is considered as the most ‘difficult’ market in Southeast Asia in terms of import standards, regulations and tastes of consumers. That favourable opening was followed by the success of the premium milk trio, including three types of walnuts, almonds and red beans.

Other products of Vinamilk including fresh milk with walnuts, almonds and red beans are being on shelves at many supermarkets of Singapore.

Vinamilk introduces its products in community to promote its branding.

Vinamilk products are promoted via distribution channels such as large supermarkets and convenience stores, in addition to e-commerce channels to match the trend of online consumption, especially when Singapore is applying social distancing strictly. At this time, people stay at home and limit to go out, but they can shop online thanks to convenience and attractive offers from e-commerce channels.

The new product, being introduced on Vinamilk website, is expected to match the trend of online consumption in Singapore, especially when the country is applying social distancing strictly.

Singapore is a market with a high standard of living, people's spending is somewhat affected by the pandemic but it is still optimistic because the consumption of healthy products tends to increase. Singapore is the first market Vinamilk exports fresh milk products containing swallow nests, targeting the high-end segment with outstanding product lines.

International Business Manager at Vinamilk Vo Trung Hieu said fresh milk containing swallow nest is researched and developed with many outstanding benefits. “The highlight of this product is the combination of fresh milk and nutritious swallow nest. The nest is quite familiar and is favored by Asian people as it is a health-promoting food.”

Hieu said Singapore will also be an open door for Vinamilk to develop high-end product lines to ASEAN countries and many other countries in Asia.

Starting to export from 1997, Vinamilk products have been present in 56 countries and territories, including all ASEAN countries. Total export turnover has so far reached US$2.4 billion. In 2020, despite the common difficulties caused by Covid-19, Vinamilk's export revenue still reached nearly VND5.6 trillion, marking a progress in the context of global economic uncertainties and positively contributing to the country's dairy industry.