Bà Nà Hills director unveils bold plans for VN’s leading tourist zone

April 09, 2019 - 15:37
A wonderful carnival in June. Attractive works and things promise in the near future. Nguyễn Lâm An, director of Sun World Bà Nà Hills unveilds bold plans for Bà Nà on the occasion of the tourist complex’s 10th anniversity.

Nguyễn Lâm An. VNS Photo

A wonderful carnival in June. Attractive works and things promise in the near future. Nguyễn Lâm An, director of Sun World Bà Nà Hills unveilds bold plans for Bà Nà on the occasion of the tourist complex’s 10th anniversity.

How has Bà Nà Hills changed after ten years since the cable car system was put into operation?

French village at Sun World Bà Nà Hills. VNS Photo

Bà Nà Hills is the first project of Sun Group in Việt Nam when the group invested in Việt Nam in 2007. At that time, Bà Nà was still a fog-capped mountain, welcoming just a modest number of tourist arrivals, estimated at around dozens of thousands per year, mainly domestic tourists.

With the invitation of Đà Nẵng City People’s Committee, Sun Group invested to development Bà Nà – Suối Mơ Carble Car Line 1 with the desite to awaken the potential of Bà Nà. Just one year of construction, the cable car system went officially operational on March 25, 2009, opening a new chapter in the history of Bà Nà.

Right in the first year of operation of the cable car system, the number of tourists arrivals to Bà Nà increased significantly. Tourists comming to Bà Nà rose by 160 times during 2009-18 period. Since then, Bà Nà constantly changed, more beatiful, more modern and more attractive each day.

A tourist at Bà Nà. VNS photo

During the past ten years of operation, Sun World Bà Nà Hills was honoured to the leading tourist destination in Việt Nam in four strait years by the Việt Nam National Administration of Tourism.

Bà Nà promises an attractive world for tourists with a 21,000 square metre in-dooor amusement zone Fantasy Park, the cable car system L’s Indochine – Tóc Tiên Waterfall earning four world records of the world, finicular tour, French village dubbed “Little Paris”, four-season booming Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden, Việt Nam’s largest wax museum, Debay wine cellar through Bà Nà Moutain, the world most romantic hotel Mercure Ba Na Hills French Vilage together with around 20 classy restaurants.

Especially, with the opening of golden bridge in June, Đà Nẵng became more well-known in the world. Sun World Bà Nà Hills is now ranking in the top 23 recreation zones with the largest tourist arrivals in the world and in the top 11 in Asia.

What makes Bà Nà Hills different, in your opinion?

An old tourist receives help from staffs of Bà Nà Hills. VNS Photo

There area a number of factors which make Bà Nà different and attractive. However, all could be summed up in three points.

First, Bà Nà always attract special attention to quality, class and originality in accordance to Sun Group’s development orientations for every of its project. Any developments in Bà Nà all meet requirements and carry its own imprints, even the cable car line No 1 which was the first being developed. Notable developments are Fantasy Park, Beer Plaza or Golden Bridge.

Second, we always focus on removations from the apprearance to our products and services to bring amazements and different experiences to tourists eveytime coming o Bà Nà.

Talking festivals alone, it is already attractivea at Sun World Bà Nà Hills. Flower festival in spring. Beer festibal B’estival in summer. Wine festival in autumm. Halloween and winter festivals in winter.

Last year, Bà Nà Hills organised "Sun King Banquet" summer festival for the first time with the participation of many great artists from Europe and Brazil. In 2019, Bà Nà surpises tourists with the largest ever tulip festival with more than 1 million tulips in all coulours.

Third, Sun World Bà Nà Hills is the tourist complex pioneering in protecting the environment, building “hello” culture, offering caring services to disable tourists, which altogether create class, difference and attractiveness for Bà Nà Hills.

Poor and simple products are one of the weakest points of Việt Nam tourism? How does Bà Nà Hills attract tourists to come back?

As I have said, innovation is one of the secret for success of Sun World Bà Nà Hills during the past ten years and we will continue to renovate ourselves to attract more tourists.

Bà Nà Hills in the future will be more attractive with new developments such as a castle on the top of Bà Nà, five-star hotel Mgallery Bà Hà (expected to be opened in 2020).

Specially, in June, the complex will make debut a carnival which promises no less attactie than any street art show in Disneyland with the participatio of world renowned artists.

Our effort is made up by the constant growth in the number of tourist arrivals every year. It is also the impetus for us for more innovation to make Sun World Bà Nà Hills a must-go destinaton for both domestic and foreign touritsts./.