Vice-Chairman of Da Nang City People's Committee: “DIFF is a push to fuel tourism”

June 06, 2023 - 10:30
“After three years, the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival - DIFF has just come back. This is a great effort of our city. Moreover, the support of businesses also plays an important role in helping Da Nang to implement DIFF 2023,” shared Ms. Ngo Thi Kim Yen, Vice-Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee about DIFF 2023.
DIFF is expected to bolster Danang’s tourism

Madam, after three years, DIFF will be an event expected by tourists and residents. Could you tell us about the city’s preparations for this year's DIFF?

The preparation for DIFF 2023 has been implemented according to the plan issued by the People’s Committee of the city. For the stands and stages of the performance nights, Sun Group, the firm assigned to carry it out by the People’s Committee of the city, has been perfectly prepared. Fireworks have also been gathered and are ready to fire at the firing yard. The jury and all the rules and regulations of its operation have also been planned.

Regarding traffic flow and security and order, the Public Security of the city has mobilized its forces as well as the support of central units stationed in Danang City to make a detailed plan to ensure security from outside to inside. The city’s police have also cooperated with border guards to respond to all possible situations in the sea.

DIFF 2023 stage is impressive for the audience

For health tasks, the Department of Health has also arranged for ambulances to get ready every night. For each area, departments have also made specific plans for their activities and have agreed to start a spectacular, eye-catching DIFF season that is attractive to viewers but always safe.

With such requirements, a series of units and members of the Organizing Board must work extremely hard with high intensity to complete the requirements as set forth.

After three years, Da Nang International Fireworks Festival - DIFF has just come back, and this is a great effort of our city. Moreover, the support of businesses also plays an important role in helping Da Nang to implement DIFF 2023.

How many tourists will DIFF welcome? What scenarios does Da Nang prepare for given the increase in the number of tourists?

This is the 11th time that Danang International Fireworks Festival has been held. With the preparation of DIFF 2023, this year we hope to welcome 1.5 million tourists. This number is completely within the city’s ability to meet the needs of tourists watching fireworks and visiting other tourist attractions regarding infrastructure, humans, entertainment and food.

Da Nang will hold 28 events in addition to DIFF 2023

In addition to the fireworks festival, we will also hold 28 companion events over the month of the event. Those activities and events will attract more tourists to come and stay longer in the Han River city and have other experiences besides fireworks.

How do you assess businesses supporting the city in tourism development?

Da Nang City is a tourist city. Without businesses, the city cannot have tourist attractions as well as modern infrastructure to attract tourists. They always support the city and their contribution is huge.

B’estival and Food Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills

When we wanted to organize DIFF again in 2023 after many difficulties due to the pandemic as well as the economy, we were concerned and asked many times for support from businesses. We are so pleased that Sun Group has always been with our city, helping us to implement DIFF 2023.

What do you expect in general about Da Nang tourism this summer?

For Da Nang, we have a lot of activities to promote the city’s tourism, such as festivals and events. Recently, we have successfully organized the Asian Film Festival. Entertainment venues are also increasing day by day. DIFF is considered another push to help the city’s tourism come back to its previous golden age. The years 2018 - 2019 can be said to be the peak of the number of tourists coming to Da Nang City.

The fireworks festival will last for more than a month and with the number of bookings during this period, we believe that the push of DIFF 2023 will further boost the city’s tourism.