Tây Ninh signs MoUs to develop high-tech agriculture

June 03, 2023 - 16:31
TÂY NINH — A slew of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the southern province of Tây Ninh’s People’s Committee and organisations and businesses were signed at the "Businesses Connection Forum to invest in and develop high-tech agricultural ecosystems in Tây Ninh province in 2023", which was held in the province on Friday.
Representatives of Tây Ninh and companies sign MoUs to co-operate in developing high-tech agriculture in the province.

The MoUs include co-operation among the Tây Ninh Provincial People's Committee, the Vietnam Digital Agriculture Association (VIDA) and EuroCham on implementing the digitalisation of the production of agricultural products in the province. According to the MoU, VIDA will connect businesses and departments in the agricultural sector to easily access information on local producers and agricultural products; EuroCham will support by connecting domestic and foreign partners in the field of agriculture.

The other MoU is among the province, De Heus Group (the Netherlands) and Hùng Nhơn Group. The co-operation will facilitate surveying, researching and investing in a number of high-tech agricultural projects in the province. Accordingly, Hùng Nhơn plans to invest in building projects in the field of high-tech agriculture with a total investment of about VNĐ2.5 trillion. The project includes such items as the high-tech application of a livestock complex, a high-tech agricultural cultivation area, a livestock slaughtering and processing factory, an animal feed material area, and a breeding research centre.

Many investors flock to Tây Ninh to join the "Businesses Connection Forum to invest in and develop high-tech agricultural ecosystems in Tây Ninh province in 2023".

The third MoU is a co-operation between the province and BAF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company for the implementation of a meat processing and production complex project in Tây Ninh. The project has a total investment of VNĐ600 billion, with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes of meat per year. 

The other MoU is between the province and Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) to develop a complex of dairy factories and dairy farms in Tay Ninh province. Total investment is expected to be VNĐ1.5 trillion.

Leaders of provinces and EuroCham introduce the potential of the province at the forum.

The "Businesses Connection Forum to invest and develop high-tech agricultural ecosystem in Tây Ninh province in 2023" is the biggest investment promotion event in Tây Ninh province.

At the forum, chairman of Tây Ninh Provincial People's Committee Nguyễn Thanh Ngọc introduced the potential of the province. He also identified four strategic breakthroughs in which the development of high-tech agriculture along the value chain is one of the important breakthroughs that contribute to accelerating the process of restructuring the agricultural and rural economy towards multi-value integration, inclusiveness and sustainable development and therefore, Tây Ninh farmers can earn good incomes from agriculture.

“The task posed to Tây Ninh province in the coming time requires great effort and determination of the whole political system along with the effective exploitation and use of the province's resources, especially the natural resources of the province," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phùng Đức Tiến.

As a co-organiser of the Forum, EuroCham President Gabor Fluit commented: “Tây Ninh Province, strategically located within Việt Nam's Southern Key Economic Region, serves as a vital gateway connecting Việt Nam, Cambodia, and the broader region. Offering abundant land resources, the province presents enticing investment opportunities in agribusiness ventures, high-value crops, aquaculture, food processing, large-scale manufacturing, and much more. Tây Ninh's suitable climate also makes it an ideal candidate for large-scale solar and wind power projects, aligning with Việt Nam's Power Development Plan 8 and the Just Energy Transition Partnership.”

Looking towards the future, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement promises to be a positive development for Tay Ninh. With its tariff reductions of nearly 99 per cent over the next decade, Tay Ninh is well-placed to benefit from expanded access to the European Union's consumer market of a half a billion people, he said. 

Tây Ninh is 99 km away from HCM City. The province has two important traffic axes: Xuyên Á (National Highway 22) and National Highway 22B. Tay Ninh is considered an important gateway to Cambodia and ASEAN countries with a lot of potential and advantages.

The province has six industrial zones with a total of 3,493 ha. Tây Ninh also has favorable conditions to develop tropical agriculture with a large agricultural land area. 

In the coming time, the agricultural sector will focus on transforming the crop structure towards increasing added value and sustainable development. With the available land area, the province is forming 20 large-scale high-tech agricultural production areas including 13 cultivation areas, five livestock production areas and two mixed planting areas of cultivation and husbandry with a total area of over 11,300 ha. The agricultural production areas of Tây Ninh will be deployed in phases. In the period of 2022-2025 there are nine regions and in the period 2026-2030 there will be 11 regions. The province plans that each production area will be certified as a high-tech agricultural area.

The forum has attracted the attention and interest of many large companies who have become its diamond sponsors, including TTC Group, Hùng Nhơn Group, De Heus Vietnam, and BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company.
The gold sponsors are Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk), Toàn Thắng Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company and Minh Anh Construction and Trading Development Investment Company Limited.