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SeABank: leading in serving customers

Update: December, 31/2020 - 10:47

In the specific service sector, banks are constantly taking advantage of technology platforms and promoting service quality as well as diversifying products to increase competitiveness, affirming their position in the domestic and international market. Banks therefore are becoming more and more flexible to meet maximum customer needs.

"Customer centric" has long been the motto for all activities of Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank). This is not only a business strategy but also a culture and mission of SeABank to bring the best experience to customers.

SeABank has focused on optimizing resources to increase competitiveness, optimize service processes to shorten procedures. Thanks to the unwavering belief from customers, partners, shareholders and employees, SeABank has gradually completed its mission of developing to become the favourite retail bank.

Along with promotions and customer care, SeABank focuses on ensuring the quality standards of products. Customers are always considered as the final evaluators of service quality. In addition, the Bank also actively conducts survey directly through telephone as well as always listened to and recorded in a marketable way about customer opinions and complaints.

In recent years, SeABank has implemented the “SeASmile Partner - Champion model” to create an effective bridge between its head office and business units in improving service quality, creating dynamism and habits for staff to comply with service quality criteria. Branches and transaction offices have maintained updated information and guidance on service quality standards through weekly newsletters.

Achievements of regular assessment as well as improving service quality are reflected in the year 2019, with the bank's average point increasing from 8.68 in 2018 to 8.85 (near point 9). Most regions have an average score of 8.50 points. Thanks to a comprehensive evaluation system, SeABank always ensures to build products and services based on the actual needs of customers, in a simple and practical direction and for optimum benefit.

In the individual customer segment, SeABank has a diversified card system to meet the needs of all customers. SeABank is an official member of the two card organizations with the largest market share currently that are Visa and MasterCard. SeABank is also a leading bank in technology development with the application of the most modern features such as Contactless, Samsung Pay, 3D Secure technology, especially the most modern EMV security chip technology in the world. With synchronous investment, SeABank has provided convenience and satisfaction to customers, typically SeALady Cashback and Visa SeA-Easy credit cards.

In addition to the refund policy of SeALady Cashback credit card, SeABank aims at a practical activity that helps people in difficult circumstances. Accordingly, for every VNĐ1 million of customers paying with SeALady Card, SeABank will contribute VNĐ2,000 to the Cancer Patient Support Fund - "Bright Tomorrows" to share difficulties with breast cancer patients. As for the Visa SeA-Easy - a credit card for online shopping, customers get a refund of up to 8%, - VNĐ7.2 million per year for all online payment transactions with many attractive incentives.

The most prominent among the products that bring benefits and enhance customer experience of SeABank is SeAMobile digital banking application with several preeminent features such as eKYC authentication to help customers easily log into accounts and make transactions and flexible themes according to customers interest.  Besides, the outstanding feature of SeAMobile is the personal financial health care helping customers easily manage, analyze spendings, savings and investing more effectively.

In the corporate customer segment, SeABank is proud to be a “close friend” who understands every essential need of enterprises from the beginning to their strong development. Ecosystem and industry focus remains the cross-cutting direction of the corporate customer segment. SeABank also has a SeABank Visa Corporate credit card product with many outstanding features such as: Managing spending effectively, separating personal and business spending, interest free prepayment up to 55 days ...

With the mission of "Serving with enthusiastic dedication to bring a happier life and a prosperous future to the community", SeABank has built the overall strategic direction and optimal business model to improve service quality constantly, diversify products towards digitalization.

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