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Drawing inspiration from subtle designs

Update: October, 19/2020 - 18:59

According to a Vietnamese dictionary, “Inspiration is the special psychological state taking place when someone feels, sees or hears something that causes that person to have exciting new ideas or create something.” When people find a source of inspiration, they will create various great values for work and themselves.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, either in an interesting book, a popular song or a first-class technology product such as Elitebook Dragonfly, which is a line of high-end business laptops manufactured by HP. The laptop line is expected to draw inspiration and make tiredness and stress evaporate thanks to its useful features providing maximum support for users.


Finding never-ending inspiration from Elitebook Dragonfly, HP’s high-end laptop line.

Getting together with Elitebook Dragonfly to find inspiration

Like its name “Dragonfly,” symbolic of free spirit and swiftness, Elitebook Dragonfly, which has diamond cut accents, brings experiences of freedom and flexibility to users.

Portability is seen as the most outstanding feature of Elitebook Dragonfly. Among the world’s lightest business laptops, the HP laptop, with the weight of less than one kilogram, has become the most perfect selection for those who do not like constraints and desire a comfortable feeling to develop their creativity. It is wonderful to comfortably work on such a thin and light laptop with a long battery life of up to 24 hours.


With Elitebook Dragonfly, a light and thin laptop, with a 360-degree hinge technology, users can work everywhere, for example at a café or a library.

Apart from its thinness, Elitebook Dragonfly’s appearance is extremely impressive thanks to its iridescent dragonfly blue finish. The Magnesium alloy casing of Elitebook Dragonfly makes the laptop durable and prevents it from breaking down due to physical agents. These characteristics increase the attractiveness of Elitebook Dragonfly, providing users with creative inspiration.

Turning inspiration and ideas into reality

In addition to satisfying users with its striking appearance, Elitebook Dragonfly can become a reliable companion of users with a variety of functions.

Similar to other high-end HP laptop lines, Elitebook Dragonfly is designed to have a 360-degree hinge, allowing users to easily work on or edit graphics on a touch screen and making it perfect to replace a tablet.

Equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7-8565U processor, Elitebook Dragonfly is capable of speeding up demanding business applications. With its 16GB random access memory and 1TB solid state drive, the progress of working on the Elitebook Dragonfly laptop is accelerated significantly, giving users more time to implement ideas and plans and turn inspiration into good value.


Accessories drive up Elitebook Dragonfly’s optimal processing capacity.

To improve data security and protect users’ personal information, which is very important in the digital era, Elitebook Dragonfly features some modern security software, including HP Sure Sense, which harnesses the power of deep-learning AI to identify and quarantine never-before-seen attacks, helping prevent infections before they happen; HP Sure Click, which helps protect the laptop from websites and attachments with malware, ransomware or viruses; HP Sure Shutter; HP Sure View; HP Sure Recover; HP Client Security Manager and BIOS Sure Start. These cyber security programs put users’ mind at ease while using the Elitebook Dragonfly laptop everywhere.

Besides its compact and multifunctional features, other characteristics that make Elitebook Dragonfly stand out comprise Wifi 6 meaning users can work from almost anywhere, Audio by Bang & Olufsen, and Bluetooth 5.0.

The best products and services at Digiworld

Elitebook Dragonfly and other HP product lines are officially distributed by Digiworld. Customers can buy the HP products at electronics outlets, stores and supermarkets nationwide. After over 20 years since its establishment, Digiworld is always confident of providing customers with high-quality and advanced technology products at reasonable prices, with reliable after-sale and consulting services.

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