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Short Dialling

Update: January, 16/2018 - 18:00
Graphic user interface (GUI) of the Star Phone app, which can be used to access directory of businesses and services offering short-dialling.
Viet Nam News

Let’s say you crave a pizza. What would you usually do? Go to Google, type in ‘pizza near me’, choose some attractive names, look up their numbers, input the numbers and then place a call—and only then finally receive your order. What if all the procedures standing between you and the mouth-watering pizza were cut down to simply hitting ‘pizza’ in a phone app and calling a seller directly?

True to its name, short dialling service, offers great conveniences when you can just hit * and input whatever you desire. In need of a banking service, type * and bank and boom!, you are put through.

Previously, short dialling in Việt Nam was a privilege only reserved for public emergency response services – search and rescue (112), police (113), accidents (114), or ambulance (115). Starting in 2017, One Smart Star Vietnam (OSSV), in partnership with an Israeli company that holds a worldwide patent on the * and # short dialling, has signed contracts with major Vietnamese network operators, such as Vinaphone, Viettel and MobiPhone, to provide the service for private use.

The Star number service can be remembered easily and is compatible with both smartphones and regular phones. In addition, you can forgo the usually tiring auto-answering system to gain direct access each business’ extension number with ease.

The fee for each minute of calling is some VNĐ 1,200, or about 5.3 cent. The service works with or without internet connection.

In Việt Nam, well-known brands that have put their presence on the service include the luxury hotel Meliá, Sun Taxi, Panasonic, Home Credit and Family Medical Practice, joining the likes of global brand names such as Pizza Hut, Hilton Hotel Group, DHL Express, Visa and Master, all members of what’s referred to as the Star Number Club.

To access this convenient directory service, you can download the Star Phone app (by One Smart Star developer) via Android’s Google Play Store or Apple iOS’ App Store and give the app permission to make phone calls. A world of diverse services and contacts is (literally) at your fingertips.

Type or dial *6397 (standing for ’news’ in the standard 3*4 keypad) in your dial/phone app and you will be directed to the visual interface of Star Phone app where contact details of Việt Nam News are displayed.

Get in touch with Việt Nam News

Việt Nam News officially joined the network yesterday. Should you have any feedback, opinions, or advertising placement requests, you can just type in *news in the search box or dial *6397 (the numbers associated with each letter of the word news on the 3x4 numeric keypad of old). The contact numbers for Việt Nam News and its different departments are also listed under Media category (filtered by Industry) and under the SME (Small-and-medium enterprises) category. VNS


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