Honest work, dishonest pay

They say don't bite the hand had that feeds you, but when that hand is trying to feed you heroin, perhaps biting is the correct response.
A Twist in the Tale

Toothbrush traumas

All of us can recall vividly when our gag reflex kicks in as a doctor’s tongue depressor probes a bit too far in our mouth, nature’s clever way of ejecting undesirable objects.

A Twist in the Tale

Something stinks in Bac Lieu

Bạc Liêu Province Management Board for Agriculture and Rural Development Projects last Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon tried to use a sewage system to prevent floods in Bạc Liêu City.
A Twist in the Tale

A stinging experience

Five passengers and the driver of a limousine minibus en route to the northern province of Cao Bằng suffered the fright of their lives on October 23 when a moving truck struck their vehicle sending it spinning across the road.