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Arboreal garage

Update: May, 29/2018 - 09:00

For the last 25 years, Hồ Minh Tâm – a resident of Tương Hiệp Bình Ward, Thủ Dầu Một City in southern province of Bình Dương – has kept his motorbike in a special garage: an aged tree in his garden.

The tree roots have held the motorbike tighter and tighter ever since he leaned it against the tree years ago, when he started selling duck soup in his garden and wanted more space for his business.

Tâm said that at that time, the motorbike could run well but his family did not use it. He leaned it on the tree day after day and then, some small roots appeared and grasped the motorbike.

“I found it funny, so I didn’t touch it,” Tâm said, adding that now, after 25 years, the tree roots hold the motorbike so tightly that he cannot take the motorbike out.

People in his neighbourhood are interested in taking photos with the tree-cradled motorbike. Some people are willing to pay VNĐ80-90 million (US$3,500-3,900) for the tree and the motorbike but Tâm refuses to sell it.

“That was the first motorbike I bought. It was worth 1,000 ducks at that time. I’ll keep it as a memory of the time when I struggled to earn a living,” he said.

What a priceless memory!— VNS

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