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The saddest day ever: goodbye to love and dogs

Update: April, 24/2018 - 09:00

One fateful evening, a young lady returned home to find that her boyfriend had vanished. Far worse, he had absconded with her four precious Husky babies.

In a Facebook post, a girl with the account name M.T desperately sought help from the community of netizens to find her dogs—a mother and three puppies—which the new boyfriend had apparently stolen.

She wrote: “My boyfriend is an asshole. When I went to work, he called a taxi to take the whole pack to his house.”

M.T immediately texted her boyfriend asking him to bring the dogs back, a request which he bluntly rejected. The girl could not come to his home to find him as she had only known him for about a month and did not know where he lived. She did know, however, that his hometown is in Bắc Ninh Province and his occupation is in animal trading (a fact which seems to bode poorly for the Huskies).

She later discovered an even more shocking truth: her now ex-boyfriend used a fake name during the short relationship with her.

The disgusting man even threatened to publicise a sensitive video if she kept posting about him on the internet.

M.T said that she was not afraid and would report to the police if he did not show up. All the best for the poor girl, and don’t let your boyfriend babysit your Huskies, especially if he is an animal trader.  


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