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Rent-an-AC business in bloom

Update: April, 17/2018 - 09:00
There are many rent-an-AC businesses in town. Most will charge around $25 per month while some may charge well over $40 for newer models and on-site services and repairs.
Viet Nam News

Summer is fast-approaching and before long the tropical heat will be in full swing.

It is a busy time for stores that sell air conditioners as people are gearing up for another hot summer. They are, however, quite pricey as even a basic model can set you back at least US$300.

Thinking about getting an air conditioner but worried about the high cost? Luckily, you can now rent an AC instead of buying one.

“It just makes sense. I don’t want to pay in full for something I will probably use for only two, three months a year. After the hottest months, we will just switch back to using fans to save on electricity,” said Trần Quốc Huy, a HCM City resident who just signed a contract on a two month rent of 2 AC units for his house.

There are many rent-an-AC businesses in the city. Most will charge about $25 per month while some may charge more than $40 for newer models and on-site services and repairs. Installation is free but renters are often asked to put down a deposit, which will be returned at the end of the rental period.

“We have a little boy over three years-old. He sleeps much better through the night with the AC on. We used rent-an-AC last year for three months. It costs us a bit more than $90, a fraction of the price for a new unit,” said Trần Kim Nguyên, a mother from District 4 in HCM City, “We decided we would go with it this year, too.”

Should you find it’s time to replace that old and noisy AC unit on the wall, maybe take a moment to think whether it is better to rent one or to buy one. You won’t have to clean them often, either. That must count as a plus for the rent-an-AC businesses, right? — VNS

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