Quảng Ninh Destinations - Hạ Long Bay

December, 07/2021 - 17:52

Ha Long Bay has a total area of 1,553 square kilometres, including core areas, buffer zones including 1,969 large and small islands. The heritage area on Ha Long Bay includes many stunning caves,  beautiful beaches and islands with tourism potential such as Tuần Châu, Cát Bà, Quan Lạn and Cô Tô.

Hạ Long Bay is twice recognised by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site Photo courtesy of vntrip.com

There are about 40 newly inhabited islands with nearly 2,000 people concentrated mainly in the coastal fishing villages of the Bay, such as Cửa Vạn, Cặp Dè and Ba Hang. People mainly make a living from fishing and farming aquatic species.

Enjoying the peace of Hạ Long Bay Photo courtesy of vntrip.com