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Doctor breaths life into hospital

Việt Nam pays tribute to Medical Doctors and health workers on Doctor's Day February 27. At Patient care unit of Phạm Ngọc Thạch Hospital in central Quảng Nam Province service has improved greatly thanks to the hard work and dedication of director Dr Trần Ngọc Pháp.


Classic guitarist strums up a revival

Classic guitar playing in Hà Nội is regaining popularity after decades on the decline. Vũ Đức Hiển is one of the teachers inspiring youth. Lê Hương explores his career.


The math whiz passing on his knowledge

Under Dr Lê Bá Khánh Trình's guidance, Vietnamese students have been bringing home many medals. The teacher has chosen to lead a simple life dedicated to teaching and passing on his maths knowledge to generations of Vietnamese students.