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Care and treatment crucial to overcome postpartum depression

While any mother can experience postpartum depression, a large number of cases went undiagnosed until they turned severe. Doctors recommend that families should pay attention, provide care and seek prompt treatment to help mothers make a full recovery from the disorder.

HCM City ready for the 2022 high school graduation exam

The high school graduation exam in 2022 has many new features compared to previous exams. Nguyễn Bảo Quốc, deputy director of the HCM City Department of Education and Training, recently shared some insights and advice for candidates for the official exam on July 6, 7 and 8.

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Artist gives a glimpse behind his inspiration

Artist Vương Văn Thạo has been internationally recorgnised thanks to his works Thân Thế Và Những Giấc Mơ (Body and Dreams) and Hóa Thạch Sống (Living Fossil) sculpture series in the year the 2000s. Singapore Art Museum purchased the entire work Living Fossil for its permanent display.