green school model

Plenty of road left to run for EVs in Việt Nam

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is continuing its planned expansion into the US with a $2-billion plant in North Carolina, as well as shifting its legal and financial headquarters to Singapore ahead of a potential public listing.


How to live safely alongside COVID-19 after October 1

It is necessary to adjust strategies against the pandemic to “confidently and assuredly transition to a new situation, without worries” as per the message of the Prime Minister, said Trần Đắc Phu, a senior advisor of the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre told Người Lao Động (Labourers) newspaper.

Community farming model offers an escape to nature

Leaving the urban sprawl for rural life has become a hot trend among successful business owners, retired people and farm-based firms as they seek a relaxing escape from pollution, a chance to unwind or a return to a childhood idyll. 


‘Green’ school promotes waste value

Primary school of Trần Đại Nghĩa in Đà Nẵng began a recycling kitchen system to reduce 60 per cent of waste released each month, saving VNĐ1 million ($43) in garbage treatment fees, while producing 100kg of nutritional compost each month.


Environmental polluter becomes protector

While the whole world continues to battle rising environmental pollution, one group of Vietnamese students has found a radical solution from cashew nut shells and wild sunflower leaves to bring to the fight.