Singer inspires audiences with traditional culture, music

April 19, 2020 - 09:36

Singer Hoàng Thùy Linh made history by winning four awards including Singer of the Year at the 15th Devotion Musical Awards. She talks to Minh Thu behind the curtain.

Singer Hoàng Thùy Linh made history by winning four awards including Singer of the Year at the 15th Devotion Musical Awards. She talks to Minh Thu behind the curtain.

Hoàng Thùy Linh in her music video for Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe (Let Me Tell You) which won Song of the Year and Best Music Video at the Devotion Musical Awards. Photo courtesy of Hoàng Thùy Linh


During the awards ceremony last week, Hòang Thùy Linh's Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe (Let Me Tell You) won Song of the Year and Best Music Video, and her album Hoàng (Phoenix) picked up Album of the Year. Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe was composed by DTAP about a young girl who loves freedom and doesn't want to get married at a young age. The lyrics are funny and inspire listeners to sing along. The album Hoàng also won her producers – DTAP – the Producer of the Year award. Released last October, Hoàng is a unified concept album about a young woman who experiences many ups and downs in her life. Linh made an impression because all of her work, including EDM and electro-pop, are inspired by folk culture and rhythms.

Inner Sanctum: By winning four categories you set a record at the Devotion Musical Awards. How do you feel now? Who did you want to share the moment with first?

After 10 years as a professional singer, I felt honoured to be nominated for the awards. It was like a dream that I didn't believe was real. Some years ago, when I was performing on stage at the Devotion Musical Awards ceremony, I dreamed of winning a prize one day. Now that dream has come true.

It was a team effort, and we all tried our best. Today I've allowed myself to enjoy this achievement.

First, I want to dedicate the success to my parents who also work in the arts. They gave me a chance to learn dancing, singing and acting when I was a child. I don’t know how art became my passion and dream. They are my shelter when I have difficulties. Then I want to pay gratitude to the journalists who helped connect with audiences as well as the senior artists who shared their experiences and precious comments on my work. Last but not least, I want to thank my fans, they are my motivation.

Inner Sanctum: Hoàng features seven tracks with different melodies depicting women's emotions. Can you tell us more?

I think they're the emotions and situations that anyone can experience in life. To love, and to be loved; to be betrayed, lost and found. These feelings come to us all at different times in our lives. It may be simply luck that I have experienced both good and bad fortune in life. All of my songs reflect my emotions. I try to reflect them through my own perspective, which is optimistic and humorous. I am happy that the album was well-received from audiences, because everyone needs music as a medicine for the soul. You have only one life, so live it as meaningfully as you can.

Inner Sanctum: What's the key to your success?

I think it’s my devotion to work. Everyone has their own talents and advantages. The music genre I pursue is not new to the Vietnamese music industry. I try to develop my strong points and overcome weaknesses. I just focus on doing it my way.

I feel grateful to my team. The creative work always requires a lot of effort and throws down many challenges. I can’t repeat myself. My colleagues help me with composing music, writing songs and choreographing new works.

Inner Sanctum: What are you doing during this time of social distancing?

Well, I have a rest, listen to music, watch films, and try and keep a positive attitude. Creativity and passion have no limits. I expect the [current Covid-19] pandemic will be over soon, and everything will return to normal.

Inner Sanctum: What are your plans for the future?

I am not used to sharing my plans because I am afraid they won't come true. I can say now that I have a new project, and I will reveal more about it before the premiere.

Inner Sanctum: It's easy to recognise the influence of traditional folk culture in your music. Do you think it's trendy and attractive to audiences?

I want to introduce my work which is inspired by traditional culture and music to foreign audiences. You know, it’s an abundant treasure of unique values. It’s a good sign that Vietnamese youngsters love my songs which are inspired by characters in national literature such as Thúy Kiều, Mị and Tấm. I believe that foreigners will love the melodies too, though they won’t really understand the lyrics. I used rhythms found in chầu văn (spiritual singing) and the sound of Buddhist wooden fish (wooden bell) in some songs, and people say they like them. VNS



Hoàng Thùy Linh is seen at the premiere of her TV series Mê Cung (The Labyrinth) in 2019. Photo courtesy of Việt Nam Television