Măng Đen to transform into cherry blossom town all year round

February 18, 2024 - 10:53
The combination of cherry and other decorative trees aims to turn Măng Đen Town into a cherry blossom haven, with flowers blooming in all four seasons.
Măng Đen in Kon Tum Province aims to be a cherry blossom haven. VNA/VNS Photo

KON TUM - Every household and office in Măng Đen Town in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum, is encouraged to plant cherry and other ornamental trees to create a distinctive atmosphere and enhance the architectural landscape of the area.

In response to the One Billion Trees Planting Programme for the 2021-2025 period initiated by the Prime Minister, and as part of the effort to transform Măng Đen Town into a cherry blossom haven, the People's Committee of Kon Plông District in Kon Tum has called on relevant agencies and local residents to join in planting cherry blossom trees.

Đặng Quang Hà, chairman of the People's Committee of Kon Plông, has urged relevant agencies to undertake at least one project on planting trees and decorative flowers within their premises to create a cohesive landscape.

Each household is also encouraged to actively grow cherry blossoms.

The combination of cherry and other decorative trees aims to turn Măng Đen Town into a cherry blossom haven, with flowers blooming in all four seasons.

Earlier this year, due to unfavourable weather conditions and the ageing of the trees, cherry blossoms in Măng Đen were less vibrant compared to previous years.

In fact, in the last days of January, cherry trees along the streets in Măng Đen have been hardly in bloom, with only a few trees displaying their beauty amid misty and cold weather.

Tourists found it challenging to locate a spot, especially within famous destinations including Đăk Ke Lake, Đam Bri Lake, and Măng Đen Town Square, with cherry trees in full bloom for photographs.

The weather needs to be intensely cold for cherry flowers to bloom. VNA/VNS Photo
Măng Đen has so much potential to grow into a popular travel destination in Việt Nam. VNA/VNS Photo

Currently, only the Bell Tower area has a significant number of blooming cherry trees, making it the most beautiful area in Măng Đen this cherry blossom season.

Tourist Nguyễn Ngọc Ánh from Quảng Nam Province visits Măng Đen every year to enjoy the blossoms with her family.

She noted that this year, the cherry blossoms were not as beautiful as in previous years. Unlike previous seasons where her family could easily find scenic spots for cherry blossom viewing and photo taking, this year required a search for trees that had already bloomed or a visit to the Bell Tower area for a picturesque setting.

According to Đặng Đình Toán, head of the Cultural Department of Kon Plông, the reason for the less vibrant cherry blossom season in Măng Đen this year is attributed to changing weather conditions.

The weather needs to be intensely cold, around five to six degrees Celsius, with drizzling rain lasting for ten to 15 days, for the tree to beautifully bloom. This is the most favourable weather for the flowering process.

This year, Măng Đen did not experience a prolonged period of intense cold but only mild cold, with temperatures not dropping below 14 degrees Celsius, Toán explained.

Nguyễn Văn Vũ, deputy director of the Măng Đen Clean Coffee Cooperative and a former lecturer at the HCM City University of Agriculture and Forestry in Gia Lai, said that in addition to weather factors, the age of the trees also influences the flowering process.

Ornamental cherry trees typically bloom beautifully within a period of ten years.

Beyond that time frame, signs of aging may appear, and the blossoms will lose their vibrancy.

Vũ is currently collaborating with the Agricultural Service Centre of the district to research and select beautiful cherry blossom varieties for planting.

This initiative aims to replace ageing trees and expand the cultivation area in Măng Đen. VNS