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Smolny Palace: Centre of Russia’s revolution

Update: October, 29/2017 - 09:00
Lenin at work: A painting portrays Lenin in the parlour of Smolny Palace, where the All-Russian Congress of Soviets took place in 1917.
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From Smolny Palace in Russia’ imperial capital St Petersburg, Vladimir I. Lenin, founder of the Russian Communist Party, led the worker-peasant revolution that shook the world in October 1917. A trip to this building reveals many stories about a historical phase with significant impact on not only Russia, but also the world.

Smolny Palace is currently the office of St Petersburg Governor. The three-storey building used to be a school for girls of the nobility. In October 2017, the Soviet authority of the city took hold of the building and turned it into the headquarter of the revolutionary command.

Lenin stayed there from November 10, 1917 to March, 10, 1918, to directly lead the October revolution.

Presently, part of the palace is served as a museum. Nearly all of its furniture and items have been preserved and arranged in their original conditions. VNS







Seat of command: Lenin’s office in Smolny, where he directly led the revolution.
For girls: A music class in Smolny Institute. The building used to be a school for girls of the nobility.
At his side: Lenin’s wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, his companion during his revolutionary life.
At work: This painting portrays Lenin working in Smolny Palace.
Headquarters: The 19th century palace became headquarters of the Bolsheviks in 1917. It is now the office of the city’s governors. VNS Photos Quang Nam

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