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Free meals to support Nghệ An fronline forces

Update: June, 23/2021 - 08:29


A volunteer gives a meal to a police officer who is working at a lockdown area in Nghệ An Province. VNA/VNS Photo Văn Tý

 NGHỆ AN — It was late afternoon, the outdoor temperatures were recorded at 40 degrees Celsius in Vinh City, the northern province of Nghệ An. 

But the heat does not discourage people who work at COVID-19 checkpoints and quarantine zones in Vinh City because they always receive help from the community.

At Tre Việt restaurant, Hà Huy Tập Ward, a group is busy preparing free meals to deliver to the frontline forces. 

The group of seven people come to the restaurant every day to cook delicious and nutritious meals for more than 130 people as Vinh City applied social distancing measures on Saturday due to the high number of COVID-19 cases.

Nguyễn Đình Hòa, a volunteer in the group, said due to the heatwave and social distancing, people don't want to go out. 

However, the frontline forces on duty at the checkpoints and quarantine areas must be on duty around the clock to ensure security and order and support people in the lockdown areas. 

"I decided to join the group with the desire to help fight the outbreaks as well as make a small contribution to reduce the burden on the local government," Hòa told Tin Tức online newspaper. 

"In the hot weather, if I can do anything meaningful, I will try and do my best."

Owner of Tre Việt restaurant, Nguyễn Thanh Hải, said the forces at the disease control checkpoints and health workers have had to work hard since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Vinh City.


Nguyễn Thanh Hải, owner of Tre Việt restaurant in Vinh City in the central province of Nghệ An, prepares free meals to deliver to the fontline forces. VNA/VNS Photo Văn Tý

A part of Hà Huy Tập Ward was under lockdown. 

"In order to help them overcome fatigue, we decided to prepare meals every day for those working at checkpoints in Hà Huy Tập Ward with the support of friends," Hải said. 

"If the outbreak worsens, the restaurant may prepare more meals to support the forces in other wards."

To help people in isolation and lockdown areas, the local youth union set up a shipping group. 

Early every morning, they receive the lists of needed products from households inside and they form small groups to buy essential goods and deliver them.

Đào Tùng Loan, who works as a guard in Quang Trung Ward, said he was sent to work at a lockdown zone in Hà Huy Tập Ward when more infections were detected. 

"Working in the hot weather is so hard. But when I receive free meals from the volunteer group or gifts such as lychee, water bottles or a box of milk, I feel very happy. In the fight against the pandemic, we have been very united," said Loan.

Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the locality, many individuals and organisations have worked with local authorities to prevent and control the disease, according to Nguyễn Ngọc Dương, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hà Huy Tập Ward.

"They have shared and taken part in many meaningful activities to help local residents and frontline forces, contributing to motivating the forces here to complete their tasks," said Dương. — VNS



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